essie Essentials

In order to make a mani great there are many things that go into it the process. Not only is the application and polish color important but the basics are a must. Here are a few of my favorite essie essentials that every nail lover should own to make their mani flawless every time!


The ‘Matte About You Top Coat’ is a matte finisher that transforms any mani from glossy to matte in seconds.

Essie’s ‘Apricot Cuticle Oil’ is a blend of natural oils that helps to keep your cuticles hydrated and revitalized.

The ‘Gel.Setter Top Coat’ can be applied to any of essie’s shades to give a gel like look and a longer lasting mani! This is an easy way to get a gel like mani without all the hassle of going to the nail salon!

Essie’s ‘All In One’ can be worn as a base coat and a top coat or on its own! No matter how you wear it the ‘All In One’ works to strengthen and restore your nails.

The ‘Grow Stronger Base Coat’ has a fast drying formula that leaves your nails stronger than ever before and helps to prevent future breakage and chipping.

‘Many Many Mani Intensive Hand Lotion’ is a moisturizer that is built to hydrate and protect hands from dryness all through the year.

‘The Nail Corrector’ is a manicure corrector pen that was created to help with any mess-ups! No one is perfect at painting their nails so this tool is an easy way to have a fast clean up without any hassle!



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