Retro Revival Collection

Everytime essie comes out with a new collection it is enough to keep me smiling for days (especially when it is a new and unexpected collection)! Yesterday essie released photos of the Retro Revival collection on cutepolish’s youtube channel. This collection is honoring essie’s 35 years as a brand and it includes six discontinued polishes that were too good to be locked in the vault forever! The first five polishes have already been revealed and the sixth polish will be revealed on December 10th. Each polish has a retro star pattern on the top that makes this collection even more coveted. These polishes go on sale in stores in the US and Canada on January 5th and are available for pre sale on starting December 11th. Be sure to get your collection before it is locked in the vault forever!


(This photo was taken from essiecanada’s instagram and is not connected to me in any way, all credit goes to essiecanada)

This photo shows five out of the six polishes from the collection. The sixth polish will be revealed shortly but I have a funny feeling that it is going to be ‘Starry Starry Night’ one of essie’s most popular polishes. Fans have been begging essie to start making this polish again as it is a wonderful shade of blue with silver sparkle and has been selling on ebay for hundreds of dollars!

Here is a rundown on the five polishes that have been released thus far.

Birthday Suit is from the original 12 essie polishes that Essie Weingarten brought with her to Las Vegas in 1981 to start her nail polish line. This polish is a delicate nude that is perfect for a barely there mani.

Cabana Boy is a pearly white polish that was introduced in 2005.

Sequin Sash is a glittery sheer bronze that made its way onto the nail polish scene in 2005.

In 2006 essie created Bikini With a Martini a frosted iridescent pink that is sure to be one of my favorites!

Life of The Party was created in 2002 and is a ruby red polish with a pearl finish.

Here is the link to cutepolish’s video so you can see each color and how they look once applied on the nail! Let me know what one you can’t live without! 




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