Top 10 essie Polishes Released in 2015

Hello loves! I have compiled a list of my top 10 essie polishes that were released in 2015. This was hard to do since I really did love so many of the polishes that essie came out with this year but nonetheless I picked my absolute favorites.

IMG_8812 (1).jpg

Here is a photo of all ten of my polish picks. Colors from left to right (top row): ‘In The Lobby’, ‘Bell-Bottom Blues’, ‘Haute Tub’, ‘Petal Pushers’, ‘Pret-A-Surfer’, ‘Salt Water Happy’, ‘Blossom Dandy’, ‘Chillato’, ‘Virgin Snow’, ‘Groove Is In The Heart’.


First up is ‘In The Lobby’. This was a polish that was released in the Fall Collection ‘Leggy Legend’. I’m all about dark polishes during fall and this one was sure to please. The difference between this polish and other similar colors like ‘Bahama Mama’ is that this one is a tad bit darker with a more vampy feeling.



Next up is ‘Bell-Bottom Blues’. This was also from the Fall Collection and I am such a fan of this color. This is an intense midnight indigo that has a slight shimmer. Not only is the formula great and becomes opaque in just one/two coats but the different dimensions in this polish are breathtaking.



‘Haute Tub’ from the Winter Collection ‘Virgin Snow’ is a jet black polish with amethyst specks throughout. I was so excited to see essie come out with something different then they have in the past and not only is it different but it is so gorgeous. I have had this color on my toes since the day I got it and seem to keep putting it back on every time I take it off. This one is definitely in my top three of all polishes essie came out with this past year.



When the Spring Collection ‘Flowerista’ was released I knew right away that I needed to have ‘Petal Pushers’. This smoky stone rose is now one of my go to polishes at any time of the year. The formula is great and the neutral tone of this polish goes with everything.


IMG_8776 (1).jpg

Once Summer rolled around I found myself so ready to see the new Summer colors. Lone and behold essie produced my favorite collection to date ‘Peach Side Babe’. I honestly can say I love every polish in this collection (besides Private Weekend’s formula). Right away ‘Pret-A-Surfer’ stood out to me and I couldn’t wait to try it. This polish is an immersive marine blue and covers flawlessly in just one coat. I’m actually wearing this color currently and love it not only as a polish for Summer but also for Winter.


IMG_8791 (1).jpg

‘Salt Water Happy’ is also from the Summer Collection and is a sugar-sweet atlantic blue. This polish reminds me of a cornflower blue and has been compared to ‘Bikini So Teeny’. Although they are alike ‘Salt Water Happy’ is lighter and does not have any shimmer. I love SWH because it has gray undertones and easy application. (Polish is more blue in real life than in this photo)


IMG_8800 (1).jpg

Another one of my favorites from the Spring Collection is ‘Blossom Dandy’, a mint creme hydrangea. This eye catching polish is sure to receive lots of compliments when worn! This is a great transitional color from Spring to Summer and is one of my top three favorites from 2015. I even made a Halloween costume inspired by this color!


IMG_8803 (1).jpg

Next up we have ‘Chillato’ from the ‘Summer Collection’, a frozen cream pistachio. In my own words I would say this polish is a washed out green that has a slight yellow undertone. When this polish was released I was stunned, essie had never come out with anything like this before and I had been waiting for a polish in the yellow/green family like this for ages! This polish was so refreshing and unique and I would recommend adding it to your collection if you haven’t done so yet.



‘Virgin Snow’ was the namesake of the Winter Collection and is an icy frozen lavender.This polish is a bluish/purple and looks different depending on the lighting. Although I do have colors similar to this in my collection I don’t have anything that is close enough to even come near to its beauty. This polish made it into my top three. (Polish is more purple/lavender in real life than in this photo).



Last but not least we have ‘Groove Is In The Heart’ from the Neons Collection ‘Make Some Noise’. I heard little about this polish from other bloggers when it came out but I have loved it from the start. Although I am not a huge fan of neons this peachy pink managed to make its way on the list. I don’t really consider this polish a neon but it is brighter/more electric looking than some of the other pinks in my collection.

There you have it! These are my top ten picks from 2015. Although there are many more polishes that I truly did love from this past year not all could make it on the list. What are your thoughts and what were some of your favorite polishes from 2015?

**Two major things you can tell about me from this post: I love pastel polishes and I’m a sucker for any polish in the blue family!



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