Top 20 essie Polishes

Hello lovelies! I’ve spent the past few weeks putting together this post for you and I am so excited to finally share it! I have come up with my top 20 favorite essie polishes from my personal collection. This has been so hard to do as I have changed my mind multiple times about what polishes I think are worthy to be deemed my favorites. As my friends know I like to call these 20 polishes my ‘fan faves’ and I always make sure to let them know when I’m wearing one so that they can enjoy their beauty as well! This prompted me to make this post so that I could share my ‘fan faves’ with my followers as well! Now take a look and let me know what you think about my selections!


First up we have ‘Power Clutch’, a striking deep gray-green. This polish made the list because of its unique color. This is one of my favorite polishes for Fall and has a flawless formula that covers easily in two coats. FullSizeRender-20.jpg


The next polish on the list is ‘Sew Psyched, a cashmere-soft sage pewter. This was my first essie polish and it is very dear to my heart! This is another one of my Fall favorites and covers perfectly in three coats. FullSizeRender-9.jpg


The next color on the list is actually one that squeezed into this post at the last minute. I bought this polish over the summer and had yet to try it out until last week. When I did I was immediately in love and knew that it had made its way into my top 20. This polish is ‘Big Spender’ a divine lush red-violet cream. This polish has a perfect formula and covers fully in just two coats!


‘Haute Tub’ is a jet black with amethyst fire. This is a recent polish that just came out in the 2015 Winter Collection. Essie doesn’t have any other polish like it and the small purple micro-shimmer in the formula is to die for. The micro-shimmer is hard to capture in photos but in person it is very noticeable. I have been loving this color for my toes and have had it on them since it came out!


Next on the list is ‘Starry Starry Night’ a twinkling midnight blue. Although this is not the original SSN it is still an absolutely amazing polish. The silver glitter embedded into this dark blue polish is enough to make any polish lover swoon. I used two coats to even out the formula and add more glitter to the nail. I actually picked up two bottles of this polish since it came out in the limited edition ‘Retro Revival’ Collection and won’t be available again after it is sold out! If you are a fan of this polish I suggest you get it ASAP before it is gone forever! (The top of the bottle has stars on it in honor of essie’s 35th birthday).



Next on the list is ‘Need A Vacation’ a bubble gum pink. This is honestly the perfect bubble gum pink and has been one of my favorites for a few years now. This polish is a Summer staple and pairs perfectly with a glitter accent nail! I used four coats for this swatch but I could have gotten away with three. My recommendation for this polish is to wait a little longer in between coats than normal to make sure that you are not pulling the polish and creating bald spots.



‘Dive Bar’ is blackened teal with shimmer. This polish was one that caught me by surprise as it looks so plain jane in the bottle but once on the nail it is a real show stopper. Depending on the lighting this polish can be a dark teal but can also look like lighter blue with shimmer. I used three coats in this photo.



‘Lilacism’ is a satiny smooth lilac. This is actually my second bottle of this polish because my first bottle turned into a greyish-blue color. This was a little shocking to me since I have never had anything like this happen before with my essie polishes. Nonetheless I got a new bottle and it is the stunning lilac that I was accustomed to. I used three coats of polish but depending on your application you could have gotten away with just two.



‘Smokin’ Hot’ is a stone cold fox gray. I wouldn’t necessarily classify this polish as a gray as it seems a bit more like a smoky purple to me. This polish is one of my Fall/Winter necessities and is a must have for any dark-polish lovers collection! I just love how this polish applies to the nail and that it covers in just three easy coats.



The next polish on the list is ‘Merino Cool’ a sensuous autumn mulberry. This is another one of my first ever essie polishes and has an incredible formula. One of the reasons I like this polish so much is because it is very versatile and can be dressed up or down. This polish took three coats to become completely opaque and cover all bald spots.



‘Licorice’ is a beguiling jet black cream. This polish is a must have for any essie lovers collection, as black is a staple polish color. I use this polish 24/7 when doing nail art and have gone through a few bottles because of its amazing consistency and easy coverage. It took two coats to become opaque and goes on very smooth. When creating this polish essie surely hit a home run!


My next favorite on the list is ‘Going Incognito’ a deep emerald green. This polish was one that I had to hunt down and order offline because I could not find it anywhere in stores! Although it took me forever to find, it was totally worth all of the hassle. This is one of my favorite polishes to wear in the Fall and only took two coats to cover completely.


‘Bikini So Teeny’ is a sparkling, cornflower blue. This is another polish that has been on my favorites list for quite some time and I don’t see that changing anytime soon! This polish has an overall good formula but is a bit goopy (this could be because I have an older bottle that has gotten lots of use). I love the shimmer in this formula and this polish is one of my go-to’s during Summer.


Next up is ‘Marshmallow’ a cloudy sheer white. I had a tough time choosing between this polish and ‘Blanc’ but in the end I went with my first decision and chose ‘Marshmallow’. I love this polish because unlike ‘Blanc’ which is a pure white (that is perfect for nail art), Marshmallow is a bit of an off white and has an almost squishy look once applied. It took me four coats to get full opacity.


‘Fashion Playground’ is a plucky pistachio shimmer. I love this polish because I’m a sucker for pastels and shimmer and this polish is both! This is the perfect Spring pastel and covers in four coats but could be done in three depending on your application.


My next pick is ‘Go Ginza’ a soft cherry blossom pink. This polish made the list because of its amazing mixture of pink/purple. This polish covers in three coats and is exquisite! My heart flutters a bit when wearing this one since I just love it so much! I’m looking forward to Spring so that I can break this polish out again!


‘Cabana Boy’ is an ultra-cool pearly white. Although this polish is similar to other pearly whites that I have, it is unique because of its gray undertones. This is one of my new favorite go-to’s since it is very versatile and goes with just about any outfit/look. If you like this polish I would suggest getting it now. It is from the limited edition ‘Retro Revival’ collection just like ‘Starry Starry Night’ and will be gone forever once it is sold out.


‘Blossom Dandy’ is a mint creme hydrangea. This polish was released in the 2015 Spring Collection and immediately caught my eye. I ended up loving it so much that I was even a bottle of this polish for Halloween this past year (check my instagram for the outfit)! This polish covers in two easy coats and goes on smoothly without any frustrations!


‘She Said Yes’ is a sheer creme with a delicate shimmer. This polish has been one of my favorites for quite some time now because of its simplicity. There is a slight shimmer in the formula but it was hard to capture when taking a picture of it. This could definitely be a possibility for my potential wedding happening in the not so near future since I’m single hahah. This polish is definitely a pain to apply but does end up reaching full opacity in four coats.


Last but not least we have ‘Butler Please’ an indulgent bright blue. To be completely honest this polish has a terrible formula and dries matte when applied without a top coat. Regardless of the formula the color is just too pretty and therefore it still made it into my top 20. It took three coats to reach full opacity. FullSizeRender-5.jpg


**Some of these polishes are from the permanent essie collection, while others might be a little bit hard to find since they are older and from limited edition collections. For all 20 swatches I used the Seche Vite Clear Base Coat and Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. These polishes were not in any specific order as that would be way to hard to pick my number one favorite!

What did you guys think of my top 20 essie polishes? As you can see I am definitely a fan of pastels but I also have a love for dark polishes. What are some of your favorite essie polishes? Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it!




5 thoughts on “Top 20 essie Polishes

  1. I loved this post! I have some favorites too! I love In the Cab-ana, The More the Merrier, Parka Perfect, First Timer, Under Where? And many more!


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