essie Spring 2016 Collection ‘Lounge Lover’

This has been a long Winter filled with lots of interesting weather! With that being said I am so excited for Spring and all of the beautiful polish colors that come along with it! I recently sat down and swatched the new Spring 2016 Collection ‘Lounge Lover’. This collection was based off of the fashion in Florida and has a retro-glamour feel attached to it. Although I was a bit disappointed when first seeing the polishes that were released for Spring, I have definitely changed my mind since seeing them in person and on the nail. This is a bit of an odd bunch as the polishes range from a bright coral all the way to a hunter green but somehow it just works!  Take a look and let me know your thoughts on the six new essie polishes!


Left to right: ‘High Class Affair’, ‘Lounge Lover’, ‘Sunshine State of Mind’, ‘Shades On’, ‘Pool Side Service’, and ‘Off Tropic’

First up is ‘High Class Affair’ an amorous blush nude. I was actually surprised at how much I did like this polish since I am not a huge fan of nude polishes. This formula has a bit of peach tone in it so the color didn’t wash me out and actually looked semi-okay on my skin tone. I look forward to wearing this polish in the Summer and think that I will like it even more when I am tan! This was unlike any of the other nudes in my collection because of its peach undertones and it only took three coats to reach full opacity!



‘Lounge Lover’ the namesake of this collection is a pretty pink peach. This is my favorite polish from this bunch and I can’t wait to wear it this Spring/Summer! It took two coats to become opaque and applied flawlessly to the nail. Compared to other peaches in my collection I don’t have anything similar but the closest comparison would be ‘Stones N Roses’ although it is a bit lighter and more on the orange side than ‘Lounge Lover’.



‘Shades On’ is a mysterious cool violet. This polish is unlike any others in my collection which was very surprising. At first I thought I would have a dupe but after comparing it to other similar polishes I couldn’t find one that came close. This is such a bright purple and it only took one coat of polish to reach full coverage! This will be a perfect transition shade from Spring to Summer.



‘Off Tropic’ is a lush grove green. This is another one of my favorites from this collection as it is such a unique polish. To me this color would be more suited for Fall instead of Spring but it is still absolutely gorgeous no matter what. This polish is similar to ‘Going Incognito’ but is darker and only takes one coat of polish!



‘Pool Side Service’ is a crisp cerulean blue. This color is similar to ‘Vested Interest’ but it is darker and more on the blue side of the spectrum than the green side. This polish also seemed like it would be better suited in the Fall/Winter collection but was so pretty that I really can’t complain! This was a one coater and has a wonderful consistency as well as overall formula.



The last polish in this collection is ‘Sunshine State of Mind’, a blazing coral tangelo. This polish was unlike any other color in my personal collection and is a very vibrant color. This also only took one coat and makes me want to go on a tropical vacation so that I can wear it!




Here is a photo of all six polishes so that you can see them together.


So my overall thoughts were that I adore all of these polishes and there amazing formulas. I especially loved how many of these polishes were one coaters, but I feel that some of these polishes would have been better suited for Fall. However, I do admire essie trying to do something different this Spring to spice things up in the polish world! My top picks are ‘Pool Side Service’, ‘Off Tropic’, and ‘Lounge Lover’ but I really did like all of the colors in the collection so it was hard to choose!

**In all swatches I used the Seche Clear Base Coat and Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.

What did you guys think of the Spring Collection for 2016? Let me know what some of your favorites were on instagram!





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