Marble Easter Eggs With Nail Polish

Easter is right around that corner and one of my favorite traditions is decorating Easter eggs. This year I was inspired to decorate my eggs a little differently once I came upon lifestyle blogger Louise Roe and her marble easter eggs made with nail polish. I knew as soon as I saw her post that I had to try this out myself and I am very pleased with the outcome! Keep reading below to get a step by step on how to marble your eggs with essie polish!



Items needed:

  • eggs (as many as you would like to dye)
  • a few different shades of nail polish
  • old tupperware or bowls
  • a few straws
  • latex gloves
  • Cork board (optional)
  • Push pins (optional)


  1. Hard boil your eggs and make sure that they are cool before dying them. This should take about 15-20 minutes.
  2. While the eggs are boiling take a cork board and create mini stands for your eggs by inserting about 3-4 pins into a cork board in a small circle for the eggs to dry on. Make as many stands as you need for the amount of eggs you chose to boil.
  3. Fill your bowl with room temperature water. Make sure that the water is room temperature because if it is too cold the nail polish will sink to the bottom.
  4. Pour a few drops (5-6) of nail polish into your bowl. Let the polish disperse into the bowl and if need be move the polish around with a straw to create more of a marble effect (the polish should float on the top).
  5. With gloves on take one of your eggs and pinch it between two fingers. I used my thumb and my index finger and picked the egg up horizontally.
  6. Next submerge the egg into the bowl and swirl it around trying to get the most polish on the egg possible, then quickly remove the egg from the bowl (it is hard to get this technique correct the first time and will take a few tries in order to get it how you want)!
  7. Next lay each egg to dry on the stand that you made earlier with your cork board and pins. If you chose not to make a stand you can also lay the eggs in the ridges of the egg carton while they dry.
  8. Allow your eggs to dry for a few hours (I let mine dry overnight) and then enjoy!


  • Make sure to wear gloves so that you do not dye your hands.
  • You might have to dye half of the egg, let it dry a bit, and then dye the other half afterwards since you cannot always get all sides in one swoop!
  • I would recommend putting down newspaper or some sort of protector so that you don’t accidentally get anything on your counter or work area.
  • Even after the eggs are dry the polish still comes off onto your skin/clothes when you pick up the eggs so beware that this might happen!
  • For my eggs I used essie ‘Butler Please’, ‘All Access Pass’, ‘Blossom Dandy’, and ‘Coacha’bella’ but any nail polish will work for this project!


FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Let me know if you chose to try this out and tag me in your picture on Instagram so that I can see the result! I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!



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