essie ‘Lilacism’ vs ‘Lilacism’

Today I have a different kind of post than normally to share with you all! I have been fascinated recently by one of essie’s polishes ‘Lilacism’ and its formula. I first bought my bottle of ‘Lilacism’ about four years ago when I was a freshman in college. This was one of my first essie polishes and I loved the light purple shade. Over the years I have noticed that my bottle stopped being the ‘satiny smooth lilac’ that essie describes it as and started becoming a blue/gray color. I was super surprised at this as I have never encountered another polish of mine changing colors so drastically. This summer I went to CVS and bought another bottle of ‘Lilacism’ and it was the same pretty lilac polish that I remember my first bottle being. I recently compared the two bottles so that you can see the drastic difference in color over the years.


FullSizeRender 2.jpg

This picture shows both polishes (the old on the left and the new on the right). They are both labeled as being ‘Lilacism’ but are obviously very different looking.



This swatch is the newer ‘Lilacism’ and what the polish really should look like with the correct formula.


FullSizeRender 4.jpg

This swatch shows the older bottle of ‘Lilacism’ on my nails and is much more gray/blue than the newer bottle.


FullSizeRender 5.jpg

Here is a photo showing both of the polishes side by side on the nails. In my hand I am holding the correct version of ‘Lilacism’ that I purchased from CVS last Summer. On my middle and pinky finger is the old bottle and on my pointer and ring finger is the newer bottle. You can definitley see the large difference when looking at them side by side on the nail.


Does anyone know why this seems to happen particularly to this polish and no others? I would love to hear your thoughts on this situation! I know that other bloggers like ‘essie_envy’ and ‘essieneutrals’ have seen this happening with their bottles as well! Has this happened to any of you?




8 thoughts on “essie ‘Lilacism’ vs ‘Lilacism’

  1. Ha! I recently went to paint my nail with Lilacism (bought 3 years ago maybe) and thought it looked so blue that I didn’t actually want to paint my nails with it (and was wondering why I bought a color I didn’t like).
    It’s good to know I’m not crazy – my bottle is exactly the same color as your old one.


  2. Oh hey how nice of you to mention me, and yes I can confirm my Lilacism is very faded. In some pics, especially when mattified, it just looks grey. Grey with a liiiittle hint of blue. It’s still pretty, but I need to buy a new one too. Really wonder if this happens to all of them or if they have improved the formula! I also have a very faded, St. Lucia Lilac, it has turned grey as well. But now it’s one of my favorite greys so I’m not mad.


  3. Same thing happened to me! It’s so annoying. I’ve also found with the new bottle that the polish will turn blue after a week or so on my nails. I’ve been on a hunt in finding a similar polish to the non-blue version. So far no luck. Everything is either too pink or too blue. Anyone have any suggestions? My husband thinks i’m nuts!


  4. I just did a google search about this and found your post. My bottle is very gray/blue…. I thought when i saw a current google image of lilacism that my bottle had been mislabeled maybe…but I see it has happened to multiple gals…. I think I’ll just get a new bottle!

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  5. Hi! I also had a similar issue with Bikini so teeny from Essie, which looks more blue than it used to for me 🙂 And I of course have the same issue as you with my old Lilacism.


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