Get The Same Look: Wave Nails

As some of you may know blues are my absolute favorite color family for essie polishes. I recently decided to do a manicure inspired by my love of blue essie polish and the ocean! This design slightly resembles the ocean/waves and is very simple to accomplish. Below I have put together a short step by step for this mani!



Items needed for this manicure:

  • Top coat
  • Base coat
  • 100% acetone nail polish remover
  • Clean up brush
  • ‘Mesmerized’ by essie
  • ‘Avenue Maintain’ by essie
  • ‘Blanc’ by essie

Steps to achieve this look:

  1. Paint all nails with a base coat.
  2. Paint each nail with two coats of ‘Avenue Maintain’.
  3. Let dry for 3-5 minutes.
  4. Take essie’s ‘Mesmerized’ and and paint three lines starting from the middle of your nail going towards the bottom (make sure the first line is the longest and that they get shorter as you go down in descending order).
  5. Let dry for 3-5 minutes.
  6. Take ‘Blanc’ and repeat step #4 but make sure that each white line is a bit smaller than the blue line.
  7. Wait 5-10 minutes and apply a top coat (for this type of manicure wait a bit longer than normally to apply a top coat so that you do not smudge the colors together).
  8. Take your 100% acetone and clean up brush and get any excess polish from around the sides of your nails.


There you have it! This manicure is perfect for Spring/Summer and is super simple to execute. Let me know if you try out this design by tagging me on instagram or hashtagging #essiebuff.

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