‘Aim to Misbehave’- essie’s 1000th shade!

Just when us essie lovers thought that essie couldn’t surprise us again after the reintroduction of ‘Starry Starry Night’, they did just that! essie has recently come out with a yellow polish ‘Aim to Misbehave’ in order to celebrate their 1000th shade! Although some have said that this is essie’s first yellow polish ever, they have actually had a few other yellow polishes in the past, such as ‘Shorty Pants’, ‘Funky Limelight’, and ‘#3 Yellow’ that came with a fragrance purchase at participating Ralph Lauren stores in 2013. Despite the fact that there have been yellow essie’s in the past, this is the first that has been available to us essie fanatics in quite some time! To top it off the cap of the polish is decorated with a celebratory pattern of ‘1000’s’ and confetti! Keep reading below to see pictures of this gorgeous yellow polish as well as a review on the formula itself!


Here is a bottle shot of ‘Aim to Misbehave’ from the 2016 Shimmer Brights Collection


Here is a swatch of the polish under artificial light. Normally my lighting captures the polish color accurately but in this case this yellow is a completely different color in artificial lighting versus natural lighting. Here it looks like a bright canary yellow with a slight pearl micro shimmer.



In this photo that I took outside the polish is more accurate to what it looks like in real life. Here the polish looks like more of a darker marigold but still with the same pearl shimmer.



Here is another close up shot of the polish showing the decorated cap closely as well as the shimmer that is embedded into the formula! Speaking of the formula this one was surprisingly great! Normally yellow polishes are harder than others to cover but this one covered perfectly in two coats. I did three coats in these pictures in order to add more shimmer and saturate the color a little bit more. All of these pictures show me using Seche Clear as my base coat and the Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. One of the other reasons that this polish is amazing is because of the massive amounts of shimmer in it. Apparently essie has come up with a new pearl technology and they used it when creating this shimmering yellow polish.

A fun fact about me is that in middle school/ early high school yellow polish was my favorite! I had a China Glaze yellow nail polish that I wore constantly and I remember many people commenting on my polish choice and being confused about why I liked it so much. Years later and I am still just as in love with yellow and have been waiting for my beloved essie to come out with a yellow shade for quite some time. With that being said I absolutely love this polish and its surprisingly amazing formula!  I would recommend picking one up (or two) before it is gone forever! I found this polish and the rest of the Shimmer Brights Collection at Ulta Beauty but I have heard that it is at other retailers as well such as Target and participating drug stores!




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