essie Summer Collection 2016 ‘Viva Antigua’

I recently found the entire essie Summer Collection ‘Viva Antigua’ when I was shopping at Kohl’s and just had to pick it up! The six shades in this collection are inspired by Antigua, Guatemala and all of the  bold color that is found there. The polishes range from a bright ruby all the way to a black polish with a hint of gold. With that said there is a polish in this collection for every nail lover, whether they like neutral nails, bright nails, or bold color! Take a look below and see if any of the six polishes spark your interest!


Left to right: ‘Coconut Cove’, ‘Berried Treasures’, ‘Hiking Heels’, ‘Viva Antigua’, ‘Tribal Text-Styles’, and ‘Loot The Booty’.

First up is ‘Coconut Cove’, a sweet white cream. This is a gorgeous polish but does have a bit of a tricky formula. It took me three coats to get the polish to level out and to make sure that there were no bald spots. I do love white polishes though, especially during the Summer so this one was worth all of the hassle!



Next is ‘Berried Treasures’,  a bright ruby red. This polish was a lot brighter once I applied it to the nail than it was in the bottle. Normally bright pinks and reds aren’t my thing but I surprisingly really like this polish and the bright pop of color it gives on the nail. It took me three thin coats to get it to be opaque enough for my liking and was a bit runny but overall had a good formula.



‘Hiking Heels’ is a scorching hot lava red. This color reminds me of a tomato for some reason and isn’t really my cup of tea but is perfect for those who love an orangey-red nail! It has a great formula and covered in two thin coats.



Next up is ‘Viva Antigua’, an iridescent crystalline turquoise. Embedded in the polish are what essie calls ‘iridescent micro crystals’ and they add a beautiful shimmer to the polish. This color covered in two easy coats and you can add another coat if you want a more opaque color or added shimmer!



‘Tribal Text-Styles’ is a black gold and crushed onyx. This is such a surprising color for a Summer Collection and I am so glad that essie decided to add it to the line up. I’m all about black polish all year round so this one was a definite yes for me! It took two coats to reach full opacity and has a multidimensional textured formula that picks up different colors depending on the lighting.



Last but not least is ‘Loot The Booty’, a blue sapphire pavé. This is such a unique color and I absolutely love how you can actually see the shimmer in the polish once it is on your nail. The only downside to this color is that there is some staining when removing it but it is definitley worth the trouble. It took just two coats to become opaque and its formula was very manageable.



Here is a photo of all six polishes so that you can see them side by side!


Below I have some comparisons of other polishes in my personal collection that I thought were close to those in the new Summer Collection.


  • Pinky Finger – ‘Happy Wife Happy Life’
  • Ring Finger – ‘Sunset Sneaks’
  • Middle Finger – ‘Hiking Heels’
  • Pointer Finger – ‘Color Binge ‘

As you can see SS is much brighter than HH and so is CB. On the other hand HWHL is very close to HH but is just a tad bit darker but is still close enough to be a dupe.



  • Ring finger – ‘Between The Seats’
  • Middle Finger – ‘Coconut Cove’
  • Pointer Finger -‘Blanc’

Blanc is a stark white compared to CC which is more of a cream, while BTS is a lot tanner and not even in the same color range.



  • Pinky Finger – ‘Starry Starry Night’
  • Ring Finger – ‘Lots of Lux’
  • Middle Finger – ‘Loot The Booty’
  • Pointer Finger – ‘Aruba Blue’

None of these even come close to LTB because it is such a unique color. SSN is a lot darker with bigger chunks of glitter, LOL is lighter and has a more textured formula, and AB is lighter and does not have glitter embedded in the polish.



  • Ring Finger – ‘Watermelon’
  • Middle Finger – ‘Berried Treasures’
  • Pointer Finger – ‘Brides No Grooms’

Neither of these polishes even compare to the bright formula that BT has but I thought I would share them anyways for those questioning whether or not to get this color!



  • Pinky Finger – ‘Haute Tub’
  • Ring Finger – ‘Frock N Roll’
  • Middle Finger – ‘Tribal Text-Styles’
  • Pointer Finger – ‘Cashmere Bathrobe’

In this photo it is hard to tell the true differences between these four polishes. I just couldn’t get the right lighting to show how truly different they all are! HT is a deep black with purple microshimmer, FNR is a brown with silver microshimmer, TT is a textured black with gold microshimmer, and CB is a medium gray with silver microshimmer. They are all alike in the fact that they are dark polishes with microshimmer but trust me they are oh so different in real life!



  • Ring Finger – ‘Melody Maker’
  • Middle Finger – ‘Viva Antigua’
  • Pointer Finger – ‘Naughty Nautical’

NN and MM are a lot darker than VA and are actually closer to one another then they are of VA.

Overall there weren’t many dupes that I could find in this collection and most of the polishes had great formulas! My top picks are ‘Loot The Booty’, ‘Viva Antigua’, and ‘Tribal Text-Styles’. What did you think of the collection? Be on the look out on my Instagram for some nail art that I came up with using these six new polishes!




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