Get The Same Look: Jelly Sandwich Manicure

I’ve been seeing the Jelly Sandwich Manicure for quite some time now and I finally decided that I would try it out myself. Hannah from hannahroxit was one of the first people that I saw with a jelly manicure and I just loved the fact that she took two simple polishes and paired them together to create a gorgeous combination. This is a really simple manicure and really doesn’t need a tutorial but I thought I would do a short post about it for those who aren’t familiar with jelly manicures.


Items needed for this manicure:

  • Top coat
  • Base coat
  • 100% acetone nail polish remover
  • Clean up brush
  • ‘Set In Stones’ by essie
  • ‘Pen and Inky’ by essie

Steps to achieve this look:

  1. Paint all nails with a base coat
  2. Paint each nail with one coat of ‘Pen and Inky’ by essie. For this step you can use whatever brand and color of watercolor nail polish that you would like!
  3. Paint a second coat of your watercolor polish and let it dry for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Next take ‘Set In Stones’ and apply an even coat to each nail. For this you can use whatever size and type of glitter polish that you would like.
  5. Let this dry for 5 minutes before applying your next coat of ‘Pen and Inky’. It is important to let this dry so that you do not move the glitter around when you are applying your watercolor polish on top.
  6. Lastly finish the manicure off with a top coat and enjoy!


This is the perfect manicure for someone who wants the look of nail art but doesn’t want to go to the nail salon or have to learn how to do a difficult technique! Let me know if you try out a Jelly Sandwich Manicure and what combination of polishes you used!




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