essie Fall Collection 2016 ‘Kimono-Over’

essie recently released their fall collection ‘Kimono-Over’ and although it is still Summer I am definitley ready to start talking Fall polish trends. These six nail polishes are based on one of the number one fashion destinations in the world, Tokyo. They range from a light pink all the way to a deep purple and even a rusted orange. Below I have swatches of each polish as well as comparisons to other essie polishes that are similar!


From left to right: ‘Go Go Geisha’, ‘Now and Zen’, ‘Udon Know Me’, ‘Playing Koi’, ‘Maki Me Happy’ and ‘Kimono-over’.

First up is ‘Go Go Geisha’, an antique blossom pink. This is a creme polish that covered in three coats but could have been done in two depending on coverage. This polish is a pink but does have nude undertones. To me this color is something that could be worn all year long as it is very neutral toned.IMG_3134.PNG


Next is ‘Now and Zen’, a timeless sage gray. This has great coverage and will be a perfect Fall color as well as a great polish to transition into Winter. This covered completely in two coats and is unlike any of the other grays in my collection.IMG_3135.PNG


‘Udon Know Me’, is a mysterious stony blue. This is one of my favorites from the collection which is no surprise since I have a soft spot for essie blues. This is a great transitional color from Summer into Fall and just like the rest of the polishes in this collection had amazing coverage. IMG_3136.PNG


‘Playing Koi’ is the most unique out of all of these polishes and one of the most unique in my personal collection. It is a flirtatious orange rust that is perfect if you are in the mood for a bold look. I am not a big fan of orange (especially rust) but this is a gorgeous color, just not something that I can see myself wearing a lot.



Next is ‘Kimono-Over’ the namesake of this collection. This is an inviting damson plum that looks amaze on the nail. Unlike other dark purples that I have from essie this one truly looks purple on the nail and not black or brown. I could have done this color in one coat but did two just to play it safe.IMG_3138.PNG


Last but not least is ‘Maki Me Happy’, a crimson-wrapped berry. This is the perfect mix between red and maroon for the fall season and will definitley be a new fall staple. It did take three coats to get it as dark as I wanted it but depending on how opaque you want the polish you could have done less coats.



Here is a photo of all six polishes so that you can see them side by side!



Below are comparisons of polishes from the Fall Collection to polishes that I have in my own collection. I found no dupes and had a hard time finding polishes that were even similar in color but I thought that I would share them with you anyways.


  • Middle Finger – ‘Go Go Geisha’
  • Pointer Finger – ‘Neo Whimsical’

As you can see GGG is more muted and on the nude side, while NW is a brighter pink polish. GGG had a way better formula and was much creamier and had better coverage, while NW was very sheer and took three coats to become opaque.


  • Middle Finger – ‘Now and Zen’
  • Pointer Finger (right)  – ‘Who Is The Boss’
  • Ring Finger (left) – ‘Petal Pushers’

Obviously neither of these polishes even compare or come close to ‘Now and Zen’. At first I wanted to compare WITB because the colors in the bottle looked similar but once I got them on my fingers side by side I realized that they looked nothing alike. I then thought to try Petal Pushers, which is another one of my favorite gray essie polishes but this one proved to be much darker and more blue toned.


  • Middle Finger – ‘Udon Know Me’
  • Pointer Finger – ‘Truth or Flare’

These two polishes are similar but in no way are they close enough to be dupes. ‘Truth or Flare’ is much darker while ‘Udon Know Me’ is more of a stony-grayish blue.


  • Middle Finger – ‘Maki Me Happy’
  • Pointer Finger – ‘Bordeaux

‘Maki Me Happy’ is a darker more berry toned polish, while ‘Bordeaux’ is lighter and redder.


  • Middle Finger – ‘Kimono-Over’
  • Pointer Finger – ‘Carry On’

Although it is hard to tell in this picture ‘Kimono-Over’ is actually a really purple polish and this actually transfers on to the nail instead of looking dark or black like essie purples tend to do. ‘Carry On’ is more on the brown/burgundy side and is much darker than ‘Kimono-Over’.

As you can see I don’t have any comparisons for ‘Playing Koi’ because I honestly don’t have any polishes that even come close to it in my collection. All of my orange polishes are bright unlike ‘Playing Koi’, which is a deeper rust orange.

Overall I didn’t really have any dupes in this collection as the polishes were all unique and unlike any others that I own. I loved all of the polishes and their amazing coverage and formulas! My top picks are ‘Udon Know Me’, ‘Kimono-over’, and ‘Now and Zen’. Be on the look out for some nail designs using polishes from this collection in the next few days!



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