essie Winter Collection 2016 ‘Getting Groovy’

I decided that this year I would get a jump start and order the essie Winter Collection early so that I could give you all an early preview. I know its a little soon to be talking about Winter as Fall has just arrived but I honestly couldn’t wait to share these pretty little babies with you! These six colors were inspired by Rebecca Minkoff and her vision of London in the 60’s. They range from a glamorous gold all the way to a shimmery pearl and are sure to make you want to ‘Party on a Platform’. Below I have swatches and comparisons to other similar polishes in my collection!


From left to right: ‘Go With The Flowy’, ‘Getting Groovy’, ‘Oh Behave!’, Party On A Platform’, ‘Ready To Boa’, and ‘Satin Sister’.

First up is ‘Go With The Flowy’, a cloudlike dove gray. It took me two coats to achieve full opacity. The application process wasn’t smooth sailing due to the grit in the polish but also wasn’t horrible. The glitter is hard to see in the photo but is more apparent in person under direct light. This polish reminds me of freshly fallen snow with the hint of glimmer that you get from the glitter that is embedded inside.


Next up is ‘Getting Groovy’, a metallic gold palledium. This is definitley my favorite gold that essie has come out with so far (besides maybe ‘Rock At The Top’) and is the perfect polish for the Holidays! I can so picture this polish being used for my NYE/Christmas manis! It took me two coats to achieve full opacity and its formula reminds me of ‘Apres Chic’ from the Winter collection last year.



‘Oh  Behave!’ is a minx peach frost that covers in two easy coats. This was probably my least favorite polish in the collection as it reminded me way too much of ‘Bikini With A Martini’ from the Retro Revival Collection. I’m not a big fan of frosted polishes, or their formula and I especially hate the line marks that are created inevitably when applying them. FullSizeRender-8.jpg


Next we have ‘Party On A Platform’, a London garnet red. As most of you know I am the farthest thing from a fan of reds so this polish didn’t really do anything for me. For the red lovers out there it does have a fantastic formula and covered in two easy thin coats. This is a great holiday red just not up my alley!



Next up is ‘Ready To Boa’, a glistening bronzed mahogany. This was by far my favorite polish in the collection as I am a sucker for browns/cinnamon colored polishes. Once I opened up my package I put this one on immediately and was not disappointed! Needless to say the color is amazing, the formula is flawless, and the shimmer is out of this world. This is a NEED for every essie lovers collection. With that being said I did notice that it seems similar to ‘Decadent Dish’ but I do not own this polish to compare. If you do have DD you might want to rethink purchasing or compare the two in person! FullSizeRender-3.jpg


Last but not least is ‘Satin Sister’, a sleek ebony peacock blue. This was my first runner up for the title of ‘Favorite’ from this collection. I don’t have anything like this in my personal collection, however I did hear some saying it was similar to ‘Go Overboard’, which I do not own so cannot compare at this time. It took two thin coats for me to achieve the perfect manicure and the formula is spot on! **This polish is so much more gorgeous in person but I just couldn’t seem to get the lighting right (this always seems to happen with teal polishes for me)!


Here is a photo of all six polishes so that you can see them side by side!


Below I have comparisons of polishes in the Winter Collection to similar polishes in my own collection.


  • Pointer Finger -‘Bikini With A Martini’
  • Middle Finger- ‘Oh Behave!’
  • Ring Finger – ‘Bikini With A Martini’
  • Pinky Finger – ‘Oh Behave!’

As you can see BWAM is a much more pink frosted polish, while OB is a more peachy frosted color. I’m not a big fan of either but if I had to pick I would go with OB because it covers easily and isn’t as sheer.



  • Pointer Finger- ‘She Said Yes’
  • Middle Finger- ‘Going With The Flowy’
  • Ring Finger- ‘Private Weekend’
  • Pinky Finger – ‘Going With The Flowy’

PW and SSY are both much more on the white side while GWTF is a muted gray tone. Although its hard to tell in the photo all three polishes have micro glitter/shimmer in them. Honestly none of these polishes are really easy to apply but once on its worth the extra effort!


  • Pointer Finger- ‘Beyond Cozy’
  • Middle Finger- ‘Getting Groovy’
  • Ring Finger- ‘Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low’
  • Pinky Finger – ‘Golden Nuggets’

None of these are really comparable but they were the only tiny gold glitters that I had! Honestly I don’t think that essie really has any other gold polishes that are even close to Getting Groovy. BC and JHJL are both too silver to be a dupe and GN is more of a nail topper than an actual full fledged nail polish.


  • Pointer Finger- ‘Damesel In A Dress’
  • Middle Finger- ‘Ready To Boa’
  • Ring Finger- ‘Sable Collar’
  • Pinky Finger – ‘Ready To Boa’

These polishes are all in the same ‘family’ as they all have the same kind of shift to them but they are all very different in my opinion. DIAD is a purple polish and SC is a lighter mocha brown. Nothing that I own really compares to ‘Ready To Boa’ and all of its fabulousness!


  • Pointer Finger- ‘Pool Side Service’
  • Middle Finger- ‘Satin Sister’
  • Ring Finger- ‘School Of Hard Rocks’
  • Pinky Finger – ‘The Perfect Coverup’

These polishes are all super different but thought that I would show them incase anyone was wondering whether or not to buy SS. I would say if you have ‘Go Overboard’ (which is apparently very close in color) then you shouldn’t get SS but if you don’t then go for it! Who am I kidding…even if you have ‘Go Overboard’ get the damn polish, you won’t be disappointed.


  • Pointer Finger- ‘Size Matters’
  • Middle Finger- ‘Party On A Platform’
  • Ring Finger- ‘Jump In My Jumpsuit’
  • Pinky Finger – ‘Party On A Platform’

To me all reds are basically the same but JIMJ was a tad lighter than POAP and SM was a tad darker than POAP. Realistically I think they are all basically the same but to those red polish fanatics like my mom the one shade lighter/darker could be a drastic contributing factor when deciding whether or not to get this polish!

This collection definitley had some winners for me and some losers. My top three (if you couldn’t already tell) are ‘Ready To Boa’, ‘Satin Sister’, and ‘Go With The Flowy’ even though the formula was a bit hard to work with on GWTF. What polishes do you think you’ll end up getting? Share with me on insta at ‘essiebuff’ when you decide!





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