essie Gel Couture Ballet Nudes

essie recently released their new collection of Gel Couture polishes called the Ballet Nudes Collection. This collection consists of six nude/pastel polishes that are on point (literally)! Each polish has a ballet related name and the colors are all soft and airy creams! Although there are six polishes in the collection I chose to only get three as I am not a huge fan of nude polishes and the other three weren’t something that I would personally wear often! Now lets take a look and see what you think!



From right to left: ‘Perfect Posture’, ‘Lace Me Up’, and ‘Closing Night’.


First up is ‘Lace Me Up’, a misty rose pink. This polish took three thin coats to achieve an opaque look. This was my least favorite out of the three because it did have a thicker formula and was a bit streaky and left some bald spots that had to be covered with extra coats. I do love the finished color though and its the perfect pale pink when you want a lighter more professional color on your nails! (Is slightly pinker and less peachy/tan in real life!)


Next we have ‘Perfect Posture’, a periwinkle powder blue. This is my favorite from the collection and in two thin coats you achieve a perfect powder blue. The formula on this one is amazing and wasn’t too thick or thin but just right. For all of you who are obsESSIEd with essie blues like me this is a must have!


Last but least is ‘Closing Night’ a soft shimmery gray. This polish took two coats to achieve perfection! It has a slight blue micro-shimmer that catches beautifully in the light, not to mention this polish also looks gorg with a matte top coat!


Here is ‘Closing Night’ with the ‘Matte About You’ Top Coat by essie!

**All swatches in this collection were topped with the Gel Couture Top Coat for extra shine and longer lasting wear!

Overall these Gel Couture polishes didn’t disappoint and I am still just as obsessed as I was when this line first came out. If you aren’t familiar with the GC line the formula lasts up to 14 days and works best with the GC long lasting top coat. The brush is bigger than normal essies and it makes application a breeze! Te tip of the brush has a swirl stem to ensure an easier clean up and less dripage! Feel free to look back at previous posts to learn more about the Gel Couture Line! Let me know what you think of these new shades and if you like the Gel Couture line as much as I do!



2 thoughts on “essie Gel Couture Ballet Nudes

  1. You sold me on Perfect Posture! I love essie virgin snow and it reminds me a little of it. I am definitely picking it up next time I am at target! Thanks for the review!


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