Top 10 essie Polishes Released in 2016

Hello loves! I decided that I would pick my top ten favorite essie polishes from 2016  to share with you. Five of the polishes are from the regular essie line, while the other five are from their new Gel Couture line. It was definitley hard for me to narrow down my picks and I did have to leave a lot of other wonderful 2016 releases out of this post, but I did manage to pick out my absolute favorites!



From left to right: ‘Go With The Flowy’, ‘Ready To Boa’, ‘Tribal Text-Styles’, ‘Satin Sister’, and ‘Kimono Over’.

First up from the normal essie line is ‘Kimono Over’, an inviting damson plum from the Fall Collection. This isn’t just any purple, its THE purple because it actually looks purple on the nail unlike some darker purples that become almost black looking when on the nail. This polish can cover easily in one coat but I did two coats to make the color look extra rich!



Next is ‘Ready To Boa’ a glistening bronzed mahogany that was released in the Winter Collection. The color is amazing, the formula is flawless, and the shimmer is out of this world. Whenever I wear this polish I get many compliments and questions about what brand/color it is. This is a definite must have!



‘Satin Sister’ is a sleek ebony peacock blue that is very pigmented and is unlike any other teal that essie has come out with (in my personal collection). This photo doesn’t do it justice as it is much darker and rich in real life. This is a great polish to throw on when you don’t have time for a lot of coats or to wait for it to dry!



‘Go With The Flowy’ which is also from the Winter Collection (can you tell that one was my fav?) is a cloudlike dove gray. This polish isn’t the best to apply due to the thick glitter in the formula but the finished product makes it worth it. This is a light gray (borderline white) and is perfect for a soft winter white nail look.



Last but not least in this category is ‘Tribal Text-Styles’, a black gold and crushed onyx. I don’t think that this polish got enough hype/credit for how beautiful it truly is. Maybe I’m just obsessing over it since I’m a sucker for dark polishes and when you add shimmer I’m a complete goner. This polish is great for year round usage and picks up different color when the lighting changes so it’s ever changing!




From left to right: ‘Pre Show Jitters’, ‘Perfect Posture’, ‘Beauty Nap’, ‘Turn N Pose’, and ‘Hang Up The Heels’.

To start the Gel Coutures I wanted to share my absolute fav ‘Turn N Pose’. It is described by essie as a dramatic deep plum. The formula is on point and the thickness of these brushes makes application a breeze. This has been on repeat all Fall/Winter and I may need to invest in another bottle shortly!



Next is ‘Pre Show Jitters’, an alabaster white. It is not a pure white like ‘Blanc’ and that is what I love about this polish. It can be worn year round for basically any event and will look good with every outfit. To me this is a must have for your collection as it can be used time and time again to create the perfect soft nail look! Another plus is this polish can be applied in just two coats, unlike some of my other white polishes that take three to four to become opaque.



‘Beauty Nap’ was one of the first Gel Couture polishes that I bought and it most definitley did not disappoint. This dreamy gray-moss is unlike any other polish that I own due to its jade tinting. I am in love with every single thing about it (even the name since I nap like its my job). Not to mention the formula is flawless and I can’t stop looking at my nails when I wear it.



‘Perfect Posture’, is a periwinkle powder blue. Ever since I bought my first bottle of essie ‘Bikini So Teeny’ I have been addicted to their blues and this one did not disappoint! I got it two weeks ago and have already worn it three times (can you say obsESSIEd)? This can truly be worn in Winter, Spring, and Summer and is the perfect addition for those of you who like ‘Virgin Snow’, ‘Borrowed and Blue’, and ‘Find Me An Oasis’ from the core essie line.



Last but certainly not least is ‘Hang Up The Heels’, a jet black accessorized with jade shimmer. This polish gives me life. This is another one that can be applied easily with just one coat and can go with pretty much any outfit or outing. I wear this one to work, for a night out, and on days off just laying around the house. Be warned that once you add this to your collection your other polishes may not see as much use (don’t say I didn’t tell you)!



Normally this is the point where I tell you my top three favorites overall but 2016 was such a good year for essie that I honestly can’t decide! What were some of your favorite essie’s released in 2016? Do any of ours match up? Let me know on twitter or insta @essiebuff and as always thanks for reading!



One thought on “Top 10 essie Polishes Released in 2016

  1. Great post, thanks. I am with you on Ready to Boa and Kimono Over. However, my absolute favourite launch in 2016 was Playing koi, a rusty pumpkin perfect for light olive skin.


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