essie Wild Nudes Collection 2017

I was recently at Kohl’s in search of the new essie Resort Collection, however I happened to stumble upon the Wild Nudes Collection upon check out. Before seeing these beauties in person I had not even heard about this collection so I was very excited and confused about this display of new polishes. I took a second to do some research while at the store and found out that this collection consists of nine polishes and is inspired by essie wanting to put a modern twist on classic nudes! I ended up getting six out of the nine polishes so keep reading below to see which ones caught my eye!


From left to right: ‘Skinny Dip’, ‘Bare With Me’, Without A Stitch’, ‘Exposed’, ‘Winning Streak’, and ‘Mooning’.



First up is ‘Skinny Dip’, a light peach pink. This polish took three coats for me to get it as sheer as it is in the photo above. Its a pure jelly polish that is very sheer on the nail. These types of polishes aren’t my personal favorite but for those of you who love sheer and neutral polishes this is right up your alley!


Next we have ‘Bare With Me’, an apricot tone with gray cast. This one had great coverage and took two coats to become opaque. I’m not a huge fan of colors like this on my skin tone, however it is a gorgeous apricot toned polish and has a flawless formula.


‘Without A Stitch’ is a light sienna brown. This took two coats and is the perfect greige in my opinion! I feel like i’m always gravitating towards polishes like this when I don’t want anything bright but also don’t want a tan or nude polish. This is the perfect neutral tone for all seasons!


Next is ‘Winning Streak’, a shade of dark purple with grayish tone. I am in LOVE with everything about this polish. The color, the formula, the opacity, and did I mention the color?! I don’t have anything else like this beauty in my collection and this is for sure going to become a favorite of mine. This creamy polish took two coats to reach full opacity.


‘Exposed’ is a mossy green with a slight white overcast. Can you say perfect? This green polish is what we have all been needing in our lives for quite some time now. This is a one coat wonder, however I did two coats because I like the look of it better with two!


Last but not least is ‘Mooning’, a light shadowy blue. This dusty blue took two coats to reach the beautiful color shown above. This is such a pretty shade of polish and I love how essie included colors like this in their nudes collection.


Here is a photo of all six polishes in the collection so that you can see them side by side!

Below are photos of the ‘Wild Nudes’ collection compared to polishes in my existing collection. Hopefully this tool helps you decide what polishes to get and which ones are dupes for polishes that you already own!

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 7.22.08 PM.png

As you can see here none of these polishes even come close to ‘Winning Streak’. WS is much darker than ‘Merino Cool’ and a lot lighter than ‘Smokin Hot’. All of these polishes are gorgeous in their own way they just are very different!


Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 7.12.55 PM.png

Next we have ‘Exposed’ and ‘Sew Psyched’. These are both GORGEOUS colored army green polishes, however SP is a bit brighter and has a shimmer embedded into the polish, while ‘Exposed’ is darker and has no shimmer.


Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 7.16.29 PM.png

I didn’t really have any colors in my collection that even came close to ‘Mooning’ but I thought that I would compare it with ‘Udon Know Me’ just so those who recently bought this from the Fall Collection can see how different the two polishes are. ‘Mooning’ is much darker and more of a dusty colored blue, while UKM is a brighter and lighter shade of blue.


Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 7.30.07 PM.png

I was really surprised by how different this greige was from all of the others in my collection. Initially I thought that ‘Without A Stitch’ was going to be very close to ‘Chinchilly’, however they are anything but close in color!


Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 7.34.35 PM.png

‘Bare with Me’ is a much more apricot toned polish than DV and LL which are on the darker more brown toned side.


Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 7.39.20 PM.png

Last but not least is ‘Skinny Dip’. This polish is closest to ‘Time For Me Time’ except SD doesn’t have any shimmer, while TFMT does. ‘Spaghetti Strap’ is a lot pinker toned and while they do have the same jelly formula they are different in color.

Although there are nine polishes in this collection I only bought six of the polishes. The three that I didn’t pick up are ‘Truth Or Bare’, ‘Clothing Optional’, and ‘Wild Nude’. I actually didn’t have any dupes in my personal collection to the six shades I picked up from this collection, which makes me very happy! My favorites from this collection are ‘Exposed’, ‘Winning Streak’, and ‘Mooning’! Let me know what your favorites are on instagram!



5 thoughts on “essie Wild Nudes Collection 2017

  1. Thank you so much for the comparison pictures! I’ve been trying to find Exposed and Sew Psyched shown in the same lighting all week, and I just found your page. So helpful!


  2. Thanks for the comparisons! I was just saying over on Kindra’s blog that I was afraid a lot of these colors would have a lot of dupes, but it seems I was wrong – which, as an Essie fan, I’m glad – but as someone who is (half-heartedly) trying to stop buying so many polishes…I’m not! haha :p


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