Nail Polish Wall

Hi dolls!

I recently moved into a new apartment and really wanted a modern way to store my essie polish collection. Since I was young I have always had lots of polish around but over the last four years I started to become an avid essie collector and ultimatley had a polish collection that conisted of only essie polish. Over the years I have stored my polish in lots of different ways from makeup bags to acrylic racks, from plastic storage bins to baskets. When I moved I finally decided to upgrade to a practical look that displays my polishes as part of my home decor! I researched a lot of different polish storage options before finally taking the plunge and ordering picture ledges off of the Home Depot website! Here is a photo of my polish storage wall below!


I wanted to make a short blog post about the exact picture ledges that I ordered and the logistics on them incase you wanted to make a polish wall like this one! This was super simple to put up and is a modern way to display your personal collection.

I ordered these from Home Depot and they are currently right around $29.00 a piece. I have attached the link here so that you can find details/order the exact shelves if you are interested. I think some of the things that really drew me to ultimately picking this shelving option over others that I saw on Ikea and Target were that these are the perfect length for the wall that I have and that they are deep enough to fit multiple essie bottles. They were also a great price and came with all of the parts included, when some of the other shelves that I found didn’t come with the screws/pieces to attach them to the wall. I’m not the handiest person so having to go out and purchase the right screws/anchors for the shelves would have been a difficult task for me. I was thankful that Home Depot included everything in the box and that there were easy instructions to follow!


Here is a photo showing that you can fit three essie polishes deep on a shelf. This was very important to me because as my essie collection continues to grow (which it inevitably will) I can add TWO more rows on each shelf! This will make it so that I don’t have to purchase any more shelves for quite some time and so the polish wall still looks aesthetically pleasing even when I get additional polish. For those of you wondering you can only fit two Gel Couture polishes deep per shelf, this is due to the curved bottle shape that the Gel Couture line has.

In order to space the shelves so that they were to my liking I made sure to measure 3.5 inches between each shelf. To me this was the perfect space between in order to achieve the look that I was going for. I also decided to organize the polishes by color, but I know a lot of other polish bloggers organize them by collection or by different polish brands. Since I solely use essie I decided to organize by color, I also like the way that arranging by color looks especially since this shelving is a huge decor piece in my room and immediately draws your eye to the wall when you walk in. The fun thing about these shelves is that you can organize your personal collection however you please and can change it if you decide that you want to go in a different direction!

Purchasing these picture ledges was a great decision and I absoloutley love how my wall turned out! If you have any questions on how I achieved this look please feel free to reach out to me! If you decide to make a polish wall like this tag me in the photo on Instagram as I would love to see how it turned out!




2 thoughts on “Nail Polish Wall

  1. Aaaahhh-mazing! What a clever way to organize your nail polish collection. I was thinking of keeping my nails in a transparent box for nail polish but this is way cooler. One of this day I’ll have someone to make me something like this in my room.


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