Why I Only Wear essie

For those of you who follow me on my blogging journey you know that I am an avid essie collector and lover, however you may not know why or how this started. Today I am going to dive into my background with essie and why I only wear this brand.



I have been in love with nails since a very young age, one of the main catalysts for this obsession was watching my Grandmother always painting her nails pearl white when growing up, another great contributor was my neighbor who would take me out for girls days to get our nails done when I was a young girl. Polish seemed to be engrained in me early on and I never lost interest throughout the years. I wish I could say that I had started out using essie polish but that wouldn’t be truthful. The start of my polish addiction was with any polish I could get my hands on, from dollar store polish all the way to known beauty companies, really whatever my mom had around the house or what I saw and picked up at the grocery store/dollar store was what I used.

One day my Mom and I were out shopping and I came across my first essie display. I was immediately drawn to this polish display instead of the others because of the fun, bright colors and the cute names on each bottle. My hand reached down for ‘Sew Psyched’ and I knew at that moment it had to be mine! I had never seen a polish color quite like it before and was enamored with it instantly. After begging my mom to purchase it for me, we left the store empty handed and I was devastated (I was young at this time and couldn’t purchase it for myself). One day soon after this I walked in the house and there it was waiting for me on the counter! My mom had gone back to get it for me and to say I was thrilled was an understatement. Little did she know she was about to start the biggest obsession of my life, my love for essie.

Not only do I love the polish for sentimental reasons but I also have some concrete reasons as to why I believe essie to be superior to other nail polish brands on the market. Below are just a few of the main reasons why essie is my go to brand.

  1. From the start essie has come out with fun and exciting colors, unlike other brands that had the same old reds, tans, and pinks. To me their bright/unique colors were the first thing that drew me to their display instead of another brands and it has kept me coming back time and time again.
  2. The collections that they come out with tell a story. Unlike some other polishes that you might find at the drug store or beauty store that are bland and have no significance, essie comes out with fashion forward collections that are always on trend and correlate with all of the current fads. Whether it be collections based on macaroons, music festivals, or a road trip with your besties, essie has it and wasn’t afraid to create it and give their consumer something fitting for the right now.
  3. The polish itself has been formulated to stay on the nail for a lenghty period of time and to apply easily with the well known skinny essie brush. They have spent time and effort to make sure that the product works for the everyday woman and can be applied easily and stay on without chipping in a day.
  4. They involve their followers/fans in their brand. From the photo feed on their website that displays fan photos, to their engagement with their followers, they are always involving their followers. They are always sharing their customers work on and showcasing the everyday consumers nails on their page. To me this shows that they care what their customer thinks of their product and enjoy seeing it on the nails of their consumer and think that others will too.
  5. They are always coming out with something new and inventive. Whether this be the new TLC polishes that they just released or the Gel Couture Line, they are striving to create products that are unique to their company and are something that the customer wants. They create what we want even before we know we want it!

My love for essie was validated even more when they sent myself and the rest of the essie club collab, a group of avid essie lovers that are from all over the world, to NYC to meet with them for four days! We got to give input/feedback about their products, visit the L’Oréal Headquarters to see where the essie offices are, and hear about upcoming collections amongst many other things. To me this was the icing on top of the cake and validated for me that this brand was superior to all the rest. I mean really who just sends a group of product obsessed girls from all over the world to meet with their company in order to hear their feedback and to give them a memorable experience, to me this is unheard of for a brand to do for its consumer. You think it would end there and I would be hook line and sinker obsessed, however they just kept giving me more reasons to validate my love for their company. Every single member of the staff that I came in contact with loved their job and were so warm and welcoming to us all! They were a huge squad of ladies and gents who were happy to be there, enjoyed what they did, and most of all enjoyed who they did it with and this put the cherry on top of the sundae. To say that this brand has set the bar high, not only with their product but with their character and wonderful employees is an understatement, they are truly amazing and far above the rest.

For me essie is and always will be the one and only choice when picking a polish and I will forever be #obsESSIEd. I hope you enjoyed reading about what essie means to me and why I am brand loyal to them!



2 thoughts on “Why I Only Wear essie

  1. I just discovered your Instagram and blog and love it! I am from New Zealand and Essie only arrived here a few years ago – we have been missing out! It’s definitely my favourite brand. I’ve just ordered some more colours based on your reviews! 🙂


    1. I am so glad to hear that you love essie and that you just ordered some colors based on my reviews! Feel free to reach out if you ever have any questions in the future!


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