Why I Live a ‘Polished’ Life 

I think that a lot of times when I tell someone that I have a blog about nail polish or that I spend all of my free time obsessing over the latest essie collections and nail art trends they think why? I think that a natural reaction to this is to be confused and to wonder what it is about nail polish that could captivate someone so much so that they would have over 300 bottles and are continuing to grow their collection weekly. That is why I decided to sit down and drop some major truth on why I choose nail polish and why I will always choose nail polish.


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#essiebuffDIY – Pumpkin Edition

Yesterday I was in the mood for crafting so I decided that I would start on my second installment for my #essiebuffDIY series! Seeing as its October I knew that I wanted to do something that incorporated the season and Halloween. I decided to make some essie inspired pumpkins that I could use for decoration around my house during the fall season. This is a fun DIY because you can make the pumpkins have whatever design/saying that you want on them and use whatever colors you want to personalize them to your own style. Take a look below to learn how to make these personalized pumpkins yourself!


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