#essiebuffDIY – Pumpkin Edition

Yesterday I was in the mood for crafting so I decided that I would start on my second installment for my #essiebuffDIY series! Seeing as its October I knew that I wanted to do something that incorporated the season and Halloween. I decided to make some essie inspired pumpkins that I could use for decoration around my house during the fall season. This is a fun DIY because you can make the pumpkins have whatever design/saying that you want on them and use whatever colors you want to personalize them to your own style. Take a look below to learn how to make these personalized pumpkins yourself!




Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 6.48.29 PM.png


  • Painters tape
  • Scissors
  • A colored sharpie
  • Foam paint brush
  • A small detail brush
  • Acrylic paint colors of your choice. I used #72582 White and #72713 Red by Nicole’s Craft Studio.
  • A print off of whatever design you want on your pumpkin
  • Small fake pumpkin
  • Mod Podge (optional)

Cost/Where To Purchase

  • Painters Tape  – $3.00 at any home improvement store
  • Sharpie – $2.50 at AC Moore
  • Paint brushes – $5.00 for a pack of big and small brushes
  • Nicole’s Craft Studio acrylic paint – $2.00 for both at AC Moore
  • Design print off – I printed these from my home printer for free
  • Small Fake Pumpkin– $9.99 at AC Moore or Michaels
  • Mod Podge


  1. Figure out what you want to put on your pumpkin. Once you have decided on a saying or a picture print it out from your computer. Make sure that you are aware of the sizing when you print it so that it isn’t too big to fit on the surface of the pumpkin or too small that it won’t show up.IMG_3914.jpg
  2. Take your pumpkin and your large foam paint brush and paint everything but the stem white. It took me three thin coats to cover one mini pumpkin.IMG_3915.jpg
  3. Let the pumpkin dry over night in order to make sure that you will not smudge it while you are in the process of painting the design on top.
  4. Cut out your design and place it on your pumpkin using painters tape to make sure that it sticks in place and won’t move around when you begin to trace it onto the pumpkin. IMG_3916.jpg
  5. Take your sharpie and trace the design pressing down firmly so that the design transfers onto the pumpkin (trace over all the black text). It is important to use a sharpie and not a pen or pencil because a sharpie will sink through the paper and transfer the image/saying right on to the pumpkin almost like a stencil.
  6. Once you have done this remove the stencil and you should see your image/saying is lightly transferred on to your pumpkin.
  7. Next take the paint color of your choice and paint over top of the sharpie markings on the pumpkin. It is important that you chose a sharpie color that is close to the color you will be painting so that when you paint over top of it you cannot see the sharpie marks anymore. I chose a light magenta sharpie because I knew that red would cover over it.
  8. I painted over my design twice to make sure that the the text was opaque and that I had covered up all the sharpie markings.
  9. Once you are done with this let your pumpkin dry and you are all finished!
  10. You can chose to put a layer of mod podge over top if you want to seal in your design and to make the pumpkin shiny. I didn’t have any mod podge on hand so I did not do this but I might add a layer in the future since I plan on saving these pumpkins for years to come!


Finished Product





Things To Note

  • You can also do this #essiebuffDIY on a real pumpkin. I actually did this same DIY project on a real pumpkin in 2015 but decided this year I wanted to do it on a fake pumpkin so that I could save it! The photo below shows my real essie pumpkin DIY from 2015!Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 6.51.35 PM.jpg
  • Make sure that if you are going to try this and go out to buy a fake mini pumpkin at a craft store you use coupons! AC Moore and Michael’s always have coupons and you can get the pumpkins on sale!
  • I linked the exact off white fake pumpkin above if you want to purchase it online and I also linked a few of the other products that I used above if you want to purchase similar items.
  • You could choose not to paint a base coat and just use the existing base color of the pumpkin. I was going to do this but realized that the pumpkin I purchased was not ‘true’ white and I wanted it to be brighter so I painted over it with a base coat of pure white acrylic paint.
  • You can put any design or saying on the pumpkin and use any choice of colors that you want in order to personalize it to your taste!

I hope that this #essiebuffDIY was informative and that you like the finished product! Please let me know if you recreate this project as I would love to see it! Also let me know on Instagram if there are any DIY projects that you would like to see in the future!







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