Why I Live a ‘Polished’ Life 

I think that a lot of times when I tell someone that I have a blog about nail polish or that I spend all of my free time obsessing over the latest essie collections and nail art trends they think why? I think that a natural reaction to this is to be confused and to wonder what it is about nail polish that could captivate someone so much so that they would have over 300 bottles and are continuing to grow their collection weekly. That is why I decided to sit down and drop some major truth on why I choose nail polish and why I will always choose nail polish.


Nail polish has been a part of my life since I was a little girl. I remember times when my mom had to work and my dad would sit at the table and ever so diligently try to paint the nails of a fidgety seven year old. I remember my neighbor taking me out for girls days and bringing me to the salon to get a manicure. As I got older my mom would treat me to manis and pedis and it became our ritual to do so at least once a month. My own grandmother is even an avid nail polish user and has used the same Revlon Polish for her nails since before I can remember. As you can tell I have been surrounded by nail polish for the better part of my life and it has helped shape me immensely into who I am today.

Not only does having perfectly polished nails help me to feel as if I am putting forth the best version of myself but it also helps me to feel calm from within. Nail polish quickly became a staple in my life but it also became a crutch to help me get through stress and anxiety. Throughout high school when I felt stressed I could always find solace in painting my nails. I don’t know if it is the process of painting my nails that helps to de-stress me or the fact that I am taking time out of my day to do something that is solely for myself, maybe its even a combination of both of those things and more. What I do know is that nail polish has become a necessity in my life and is almost as fundamental to my being as sleep…well not quite but you get the point.

Not only is polish a stress relief and a necessity but it has become an outlet for me to express myself through the designs and colors that I choose to wear on my nails. Every brush stroke and design that I pick to put on my nails is a reflection of how I am feeling at that time and what I am trying to convey. It is an extension of my style and my personality and has become more than just picking a color to wear but a means to express myself.

Polish has become a gateway to a community of wonderful people who come from all different backgrounds but have one common interest – nail polish. It might seem crazy that something so simple could be so meaningful and could bring so many people together but it has done just that. It has introduced me to so many people that I now call dear friends and has given me a place to talk about my nail obsession and to be understood by those who are equally as interested in polish as I am.

Lastly, polish has given me confidence that I didn’t even know was within me. Without nail polish I would have never created an online presence and would have never poured my heart and soul into ‘essiebuff’. When I first had the idea to create an Instagram and Blog about nails I was so nervous that I almost didn’t even do it. I was consumed with thoughts of failing and putting out content that no one would like but I pushed those thoughts to the side and made myself try because like the old saying goes “never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”. Sometimes I sit and imagine what would be like if I hadn’t created ‘essiebuff’ and realize how crippling it would have been to not put myself out in the cyber world.

I guess what I am trying to say is that nail polish has become more than just a beauty product to me and has become a huge part of who I am as a person. It has helped me deal with stress and anxiety, has given me a medium to express myself and my personality, has helped me create long lasting friendships, and has given me confidence to be the person that I am today. I hope that this gives some insight to those who think that us polish addicts are foolish and gives you some insight on what polish means to me and why I will always choose polish.



5 thoughts on “Why I Live a ‘Polished’ Life 

  1. What a wonderful post! I know exactly what you mean about great stress relief. I struggle with chronic pain and painting my mails is theraputic to help me get pain off my mind. Thank you for sharing this😘


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