essie leathers collection by Rebecca Minkoff

Today I’m introducing the essie Leathers Collection by Rebecca Minkoff. This collection is paying homage to essie’s Global Color Designer Rebecca Minkoff and her leather handbag line. All of the polish names have something to do with the RM line from ‘Back in The Saddle that references her iconic saddle bags to ‘Toteally in Love’ which hints at the amazing selection of tote bags in her line. To say that this collection is spot on with current fall fads would be an understatement. Leather is all the rage right now in fashion trends so it makes sense that this trend should make its way to our fingertips! Check below to see these leather polishes on the nail and what all the hype is about!





Here is a close up of all four polishes!



with no top coat



with top coat

‘Cross- Body Heat’ is a rosy mauve accented with subtle lavender shine. This was my least favorite from the collection as the color wasn’t really striking against my skin tone like the other three were. The shimmer also did not stand out as much in this one as in the others. This one took two coats to reach full opacity.



with no top coat



with top coat

‘Tote-ally in Love’ is a deep oxblood red with a flash of light crimson. I surprisingly really like this one as it is not as true red colored as I thought it was going to be on the nail. You will need two thin coats of polish so that you can cover any bald spots that occur with the first coat.



with no top coat



with top coat

‘In Hot Purse-uit’ is a rich indigo blue trimmed with a glowing violet. This one is so lovely on and the micro shimmer really sticks out. This was the one that I liked the best with no top coat but I still do prefer it with a top coat.



with no top coat



with top coat

‘Back In The Saddle’, a polished dark blue-green cast in silver. This was my favorite from this release as I love love love a dark green polish. The shimmer really stood out in this one as well and took two coats to get the formula just right!



Here are all four of the shades side by side!


Somethings to Note: All four polishes dry to a semi-matte leather finish and no top coat is required, however I prefer these polishes with a top coat due to bubbling that occurs without one. It was very hard to capture the true texture of these polishes through a photo because of the semi-matte finish. Also, these dry quickly as I have noticed all matte polishes do so this means that you will need to polish fast in order to get an even coat!

I didn’t do comparisons for this collection as the ‘leather’ texture of these polishes is unlike anything that essie has released before and therefore I do not have any dupes in my collection! The unique factor is one of the main reasons that I think you should pick up one of these mini leather kits if you haven’t already! These mini kits retail at $13.00 and are currently available at your favorite beauty destinations!

p.s. if you don’t already own any Rebecca Minkoff products you need to stop what you are doing and head over to her website/store ASAP. I own two bags and a pair of her metallic silver bleecker sneakers and am obsessed with all three items. Also, I met Rebecca in NYC and she is one of the most genuine people I’ve met and she truly wants to create wonderful products for her consumers so check her out if you haven’t already!

The products in this post were sent to me by essie, however this post was all my personal opinion. #essiepartner



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