essie winter collection 2017 ‘ring in the bling’

Today I’m talking about the essie Winter Collection ‘Ring In The Bling’! This collection was inspired by the fun festivities that take place on New Years Eve! These polishes encompass the party atmosphere of NYE and will be perfect to help you ‘Ring In The Bling’ this year! Take a look below to see which polish you’ll be wearing this New Years Eve!



The namesake of this collection ‘Ring In The Bling’, is a dazzling ruby red tinged with light navy blue. This one was a one coat wonder and went on like a dream! Your nails sparkle in all directions when this one is on and will be perfect for holiday outings this year!



‘Be Cherry’ is a bright crimson red. This was another pretty red with a great formula but nothing really out of the box for essie. If you don’t already have a go to essie red then this one might be your thing but if you do maybe it would be okay to skip this one.



Next we have ‘Suit and Tied’, a clean-cut sand beige. This one has a really good formula and goes on perfectly and evenly in just two thin coats, however I was not a big fan of the finished result. When I saw it in the bottle I didn’t think that I was going to like the color but I decided to put it on and see if my mind was changed when I saw it on the nail. Unfortunatley sandy-beige polishes just aren’t for me but if they are for you then this one’s formula makes it a winner!



‘Social-Lights is a slate gray glistening with amber warmth. I love love loved this one so much and the great formula made it even better! It took me two coats to get the color looking the way I wanted and let me tell you this polish is perfect! Your nails almost look lit from within with the amber sparkle that is embedded within the gray polish. This is a must have from this collection!



‘On Your Mistletoes’ is a dense oxford blue. This one is so pretty on the nail and takes just one coat to reach full opacity. It does stain a bit when you are removing it but it is worth it!



Last but not least is ‘New Year, New Hue’, a rich magenta purple. I wasn’t super excited about this one when I saw it because I thought that I had a dupe in my collection but when I swatched it against other polishes in my collection I realized I didn’t have any that were identical. This one is on my nails and toes at the moment and I really am loving it!



Here is a photo of all six polishes from the collection side by side!


Below are comparisons of the Winter Collection to similar polishes from my personal collection so that you can see how they compare! I didn’t do a comparison of ‘Social-Lights’ as I don’t have anything in my collection that is similar to this polish.


Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 8.26.12 PM.png

As you can see ‘Bahama Mama’, ‘Designated DJ’, and ‘In The Lobby’ are all darker than ‘New Year, New Hue’, which is a brighter magenta rather than a deep plum polish.


Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 8.27.48 PM.png

These were the closest dupes that I found as ‘Be Cherry’ and ‘Altitude Attitude’ were almost identical. ‘Be Cherry’ is a tad brighter than AA but they are very similar. If you own one I would suggest not getting the other unless you are an avid red polish collector!


Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 9.11.29 PM.png

Next up I compared ‘Suit & Tied’ to ‘Clothing Optional’. These ones definitely aren’t close, however they were the closest that I had in my collection. I think that ‘Cocoa Karma’ from the 2015 Resort Collection might be a closer color to ‘Suit & Tied’ but I don’t own it to compare.


Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 8.32.12 PM.png

Here is ‘Ring In The Bling’ compared to ‘Wrapped In Rubies’ and ‘Life Of The Party’. WIR was a darker hue of red and LOTP was also a tad darker but was much closer to ‘Ring In The Bling’. No dupes here but definitely some close calls!


Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 8.33.39 PM.png

This one is hard to tell in the photo but ‘Satin Sister’ is a bit more of a brighter teal color than ‘On Your Mistletoes’. These ones are in the same family but not exactly the same.

My favorites from this collection are ‘New Year, New Hue’, ‘Social-Lights’, and ‘Ring In The Bling’ and ‘On Your Mistletoes’. My least favorite was most definitely ‘Suit & Tied’ as I’m not a big fan of sandy-beige colors and how they look on my skin tone. Overall this collection had some good polishes with great formulas that I loved but then it also had some misses that weren’t really up my alley but will be great for those who like red/beige polishes. Another thing that I did love about these polishes other than their looks was their super cute and punny names! The naming team at essie knocked this one out of the park! I’ll be posting some nail art with this collection in the coming weeks so make sure to check back on my Instagram to see!

The products in this post were sent to me by essie, however this post was all my personal opinion. #essiepartner



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