essie Gel Couture Holiday Collection 2017

Today I’m talking about the Gel Couture Holiday Collection for 2017 and why you need these for this holiday season. These bejeweled shades are bringing holiday glitz right to your fingertips! If you are looking for an elegant way to accessorize this holiday season then look no further, these jewel tone polishes are sure to add the perfect amount of glamour to your holiday wardrobe. To see these beautifully shimmering shades and why they are going to be on repeat all winter long scroll down!



‘Gold Gilding’ is a lustrous bronze gold brushed with carnation pink. This took two coats to reach this gorgeous bronze-gold. The added touch of pink in this polish does make this one unlike the other gold/bronze essie polishes that I have in my collection. This one also doesn’t leave any big streaks and is not hard to apply like some of the other metallic polishes that I have.


‘Rue De La Ruby’ is a deep, fiery red that evokes a timeless beauty. This is a bright red perfect for the holidays. If you already own a bright red then this one might be the one to skip from this collection. It took two thin coats to reach this color but watch out it does stain when you remove it!


‘Amethyst Noir’ is a treasured rich and deep burgundy. This was hard to capture as it looks almost black in photos, however it really is a deep burgundy. This took two coats and has a flawless formula! This would look great with a little black dress for a holiday party or get together!


‘It-Pearl’ is a lilac pink creme. This one goes on smoothly and is gorgeous on the nail in just two coats! This is the perfect neutral as the slight touch of lilac makes it not blend right in with my skin tone. It’s also unlike any other neutral that I own so it’s a keeper in my book!


‘Jade To Measure’ is an emerald green metallic. This luxurious jade green makes your nails look flawless. The thing that I like best about this polish is that I don’t have anything like it at all in my collection. I think this is going to be the perfect polish for Christmas and for holiday nail art! Your nails seriously glisten with this one on and it’s sure to be a show stopper when you wear it out!


‘Diamond In The Cuff’ is a blush ivory pearl. This polish was so hard to capture the true essence of as the shimmer is so intense that the camera had a hard time focusing on it. The pearl shimmer embedded within this one makes the nails glisten and I love how it looks on the nail! I did three thin coats and added two coats of the Gel Couture Top Coat since the added texture in the polish did leave this one a bit uneven and gritty.


Here is a photo of all six polishes from the Holiday Gel Couture Collection.

My favorites from this collection are ‘Jade To Measure’, ‘Diamond In The Cuff’, and ‘Amethyst Noir’. All of these polishes had great formulas but these three were the ones that stuck out to me the most. These will be perfect for the holiday season and I can’t wait to try out some nail art! Three of these polishes I picked up at Ulta Beauty since they are only salon release, while the other three are part of the consumer release and were sent to my by essie and can also be found on the essie website. I hope that you enjoy this collection as much as I do and let me know if you pick up any!

Some of the products in this post were sent to me by essie, however this post was all my personal opinion. #essiepartner



3 thoughts on “essie Gel Couture Holiday Collection 2017

  1. Thanks for sharing these fantastic swatches as well as your favorite picks Olivia! I think a few of these might find themselves joining my stash this season! Have a nice Thanksgiving!


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