essie desert mirage collection 2018

Long time no see essie loves! I am so excited to finally be sharing the Desert Mirage Collection with you guys after what has been a month and a half hiatus on my part! I just recently left North Carolina and decided to move back to my home state of Vermont so the last few weeks have been very hectic and haven’t left much time for nails. It’s been very difficult for me not to post especially when essie sent me this collection in the mail and I saw how gorgeous it was up close! I finally got some time to sit down and enjoy the beauty that is these six polishes and I’m glad that I did because I have a few new favorites in this collection! Scroll down to see the magic that the essie team created this time!


From left to right: ‘Lighten The Mood’, ‘Less Is Aura’, ‘Let It Glow’, ‘Blue-tiful Horizon’, ‘Seeing Stars’, and ‘Hazy Daze’.


Up first we have ‘Lighten The Mood’, a relaxing ivory white dusted with sienna undertones. This one reminded me of ‘Mixtaupe’ and ‘Urban Jungle’ when I put it on but I will have to do some further comparisons to see how close they truly are. This one took three thin coats to cover up some bald spots and is a perfect winter creme.



Next we have ‘Less Is Aura’, a warm terra cotta beige. This one took two coats and was my least favorite from this collection. For some reason I just never reach for these types of colors and don’t like what they look like on my nails. With that being said this one did have a great formula and went on like a dream. This one gave me flashbacks to ‘Suit and Tied’ from the Winter Collection as they are both in the same beige family.



The namesake of this collection is ‘Let It Glow’, a fiery coral glistening with copper shimmer. Immediately this one made me think of ‘Oh Behave’ from the Winter 2016 collection. Upon further inspection ‘Oh Behave’ is a lighter peach compared to ‘Let It Glow’ that has a darker coral undertone. Frosted pink polishes were really popular in the 60’s and this polish would be perfect for anyone trying to recreate that vibe.



‘Blue-tiful Horizon’ is a cerulean blue glowing with amber shimmer. THIS ONE IS SERIOUSLY STUNNING. This one took two coats and the slight shimmer embedded within makes this polish a stunner. This is one of my new favorites and I can’t recommend it enough.



‘Seeing Stars’ is a mahogany brown sparkling with golden shimmer. This was the first polish that I put on from the collection and it did not disappoint. It took two coats to get pure perfection and this is my favorite polish of the moment.



‘Hazy Daze’ is a rich byzantine purple glazed with warming clay tones. Deep purple hues are some of my favorites so I was drawn to this one immediately when I opened the package. This one took two coats and I loved the outcome! Dark purples are a color that I personally wear year round so this one will get a lot of usage.


Here is a photo of all six polishes side by side.


Normally at this point in my post I do comparison swatches but because I’m so late in the game on swatching this collection I’m assuming you have already seen all of the comparisons out there. If there is still something that you want to see DM me on Instagram or comment on my last Instagram photo and I will try to do a comparison for it.

Overall I really loved this collection and that the idea for these six polishes was something that I wasn’t expecting and hadn’t seen before. My three favorites are ‘Seeing Stars’, ‘Hazy Daze’, and ‘Blue-tiful Horizon’ but I also really liked ‘Lighten The Mood’. I’m excited to try some nail art with these polishes so keep on the lookout for that within the next few days!

The products in this post were sent to me by essie, however this post was all my personal opinion. #essiepartner



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