essie seaglass shimmers collection 2018

Each year essie comes out with a special collection just in time for summer. Last year it was the Wild Nudes Collection and this year the essie team is dazzling us with the Seaglass Shimmers Collection featuring six shimmering shades.

“the world is your oyster so let’s explore the ocean floor and look for precious items washed up on shore. don’t be salty that this aquatic adventure will only be you, me & the sea.  as you look along the coral coast you will become captivated by the luminous hues. the high tides & dives will show you the iridescent elements of nature – from pearls at sea level to sea glass on shore, you will be digging for more!” – essie

These polishes will be perfect for exploring this summer whether you are vacationing in paradise or relaxing by the pool. Check out what I have to say about this collection and what are my must haves from this release.


From left to right: ‘Don’t Be Salty’, ‘Coral Coast’, High Tides & Dives’, ‘You, Me and the Sea’, ‘At Sea Level’, and ‘The World is Your Oyster’

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essie summer collection 2018

Warm weather has finally arrived and essie has graced us with six gorgeous polishes to lust after this season!

“this summer let’s walk barefoot in a sunny daze and spread the good vibes all daisy long.  with everyone making harmony, there is no doubt the fuchsia is bright. it’s the age of empower-mint. so this summer don’t forget, young, wild & me is the only way to be!” – essie

These six shades were inspired by festival season and will help you to be young wild and free all summer long! To see how gorgeous they look on the nail and to shop the shades keep reading below!


From left to right: ‘All Daisy Long’, ‘Young, Wild & Me’, ‘Sunny Daze’, ‘Making Harmony’, ‘The Fuchsia Is Bright’, and ‘Empower-Mint’.

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