essie summer collection 2018

Warm weather has finally arrived and essie has graced us with six gorgeous polishes to lust after this season!

“this summer let’s walk barefoot in a sunny daze and spread the good vibes all daisy long.  with everyone making harmony, there is no doubt the fuchsia is bright. it’s the age of empower-mint. so this summer don’t forget, young, wild & me is the only way to be!” – essie

These six shades were inspired by festival season and will help you to be young wild and free all summer long! To see how gorgeous they look on the nail and to shop the shades keep reading below!


From left to right: ‘All Daisy Long’, ‘Young, Wild & Me’, ‘Sunny Daze’, ‘Making Harmony’, ‘The Fuchsia Is Bright’, and ‘Empower-Mint’.

This collection is currently available on Amazon as well as at other local retailers. I have linked each polish below so click on the blue text if you are interested in purchasing a polish #amazoninfluencer



The first polish I swatched was essie ‘All Daisy Long’, a flowery white with crisp jade green and rosy pink iridescence. This one was a bit difficult to apply due to the formula but by using three thin coats I reached the opaqueness that I wanted. Because of the iridescence and slightly thin formula this one did show bumps and lines a bit more than any of the others in the collection. I used a base of essie ‘Fill The Gap’ to help fix the issue and it worked perfectly!



Next we have ‘Young, Wild & Me’, a dusty rose pink nail polish with soft nude tones. This one was confusing to me but in the best way possible! Was it nude? Was it pink? I’m still not sure but I am loving it either way! At first I was hesitant towards this polish when I saw it in the bottle but I then remembered that you should never judge a book by its cover or a polish by the bottle! It took two thin coats and is the perfect transition shade from spring to summer!



‘The Fuchsia is Bright’ is a vibrant magenta pink nail polish that sends out good vibes. I am currently wearing this one and it is making me have all the feels! I applied two thin coats of polish in order to get the creamy opaque pink that you see before you. This one adds a pop of color in the best way possible!



Next is ’empower-mint’ a bright turquoise green nail polish. When I saw this collection I was immediately drawn to this one. I have an issue (if you could call it that) where I flock towards blue/green essie’s and immediately disregard any of the others around me, so when I saw this one I obviously tried it on as soon as possible. I was a tad disappointed that it took me three coats (on some nails four) to get the application that I wanted but it turned out so beautifully on the nail that in the end I didn’t really mind the extra coats.



‘Making Harmony’ is a dark mauve purple nail polish with subtle mahogany red undertones. You might ask what a purple is doing in a summer collection and if you did I might answer, it’s stealing the show.This polish is the most perfect dusty purple that has ever been in existence. I really can’t get over this one and I have no other way to describe it besides perfection in a bottle.



The last polish in this collection is ‘Sunny Daze’, an amber nude polish with cheerful golden shimmer. I feel like essie always tries to include at least one polish in every collection that is very unique to the brand and isn’t something that the consumer has seen before. ‘Sunny Daze’ is that polish for the summer collection. Not only is it unlike anything that I own but it also makes my nails look like they are glowing which is always a win in my books! This one took just two coats and makes me wish I was on a beach in Aruba with a pina colada.



Here is a photo of all six polishes side by side!

These polishes were right up my alley and were all something that I can see myself wearing this summer. The polishes that really stood out to me from this release are ‘Making Harmony’, ‘Sunny Daze’, and ‘The Fuchsia is Bright’ but I truly did find something special that I liked about each polish in this collection. These polishes are currently available at local retailers and online but they are limited edition so make sure to pick them up while you can! Let me know your favorites for festival season and what ones you will be wearing this summer over on Instagram!

The products in this post were sent to me by essie, however this post was all my personal opinion. #essiepartner



2 thoughts on “essie summer collection 2018

  1. Love your reviews so much, I follow you on facebook and IG. I love your passion for polishes. cant wait for your review on the fall collection. Hugs from ATL


    1. You are so sweet! Thank you for following along on my nail journey! I can’t wait to review the fall collection as well, there seems to be a lot of beautiful polishes being released!


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