essie mercury in retrograde collection 2018

Mercury is currently in retrograde and that might cause things to be a bit wonky for the time being. Not to worry because essie has got us covered and is here to get us through all of the “mercury-made-me-do-it moments”. They have produced two sparkling shades that will take your fingertips out of this world and will make your nails glisten. For those of you who want to learn more about what it means when mercury is in retrograde click here and for those of you who want to see these dazzling polishes and see where you can find them scroll down.



Polishes from back to front: ‘Keep Calm…’ & ‘Mercury On’



‘Keep Calm…’ reach for the heavens and keep it cool in a tranquil shimmer sky blue. This polish took three thin coats to get the opaqueness that I was looking for. You can also use this shade as a topper and put a darker shade underneath for a fun shimmer effect! It was very hard for me to capture the exact color of the polish in a photo. In order for me to get a picture that shows the most accurate shade I had to take it in darker light which is why this photo is not as well lit as usual.



‘& Mercury On’ this sparkling royal purple has us falling into orbit. It took two thin coats to get this rich royal shimmer. I have had this polish on for the last few days and have gotten so many compliments. This shade truly is one of a kind for me and is unlike anything else in my personal collection. The pigment is unreal and the blue/purple shift makes this polish glow on your nails when the light hits it. If you are only thinking about getting one polish from this collection I would suggest this one! For some reason the polish in the bottle looks way lighter than it actually is because of the way the light was hitting it, the true color is the shade on my nails.




These polishes are infused with celestial pearl particles which make this collection one of a kind! They also have silver caps which make these polishes even more sought after. This collection was produced in limited quantities and is an Ulta Beauty exclusive which means it will only be available online and in store at Ulta. The essie team is currently working on getting the collection restocked as soon as possible so that everyone who wants these polishes can get their hands on them. Currently the Ulta website says that this collection will be available again on August 3rd so it will just be a bit longer before you can get these beauties on your fingertips! Stay safe out there during this retrograde and let these beautiful polishes keep you sane!



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