Seek What Sets Your Soul on Fire


What is it that makes you want to get up in the morning? Is it a freshly brewed cup of coffee or the sound of the mail man throwing your morning paper at your door, is it the sirens blaring through the city, or your alarm clock buzzing on your nightstand, or is it something more? For me my motivation to wake up in the morning, if you could call it that, has changed at each stage in my life. When I was younger it was the yearning to wake up and play outside all day, and as I got older it became about something more than that, but with a similar meaning, it was the want to wake up and do something that set my soul on fire. For some it’s sailing boats and for others it’s fixing computers, some enjoy photography, and others love working with animals. It’s not about what it is that you do it’s about what it means to you and what gets you up in the morning. For me I found out what got me up in the morning at the age of twenty four and I will never lose sight of it again.

After college I landed my first “big girl job” in the heart of North Carolina. Things were starting to fall into place and I woke up each morning excited about this next step in my life and delighted to join the work force. After the first year at my job I started to wake up less and less excited and that fire in my soul was starting to dwindle. Looking back on it now the large flame of excitement that had once been so prominent was dwindling into the light flicker of a candle about to go out.

After much thought and consideration I realized that the path I was on was a great path for some but just not for meand that’s okay. Now this wasn’t something that I figured out overnight, this took me about six months of battling back and forth with what my head was telling me was right and what my heart knew was right all along. Hundreds of thoughts ran through my mind and I weighed the pros and cons of leaving my current position time and time again, until finally my heart won the battle and I decided to move back to my home state of Vermont.

When I returned to Vermont it was a below freezing day in the first week of January (not an ideal time to be traveling from North Carolina) but despite the weather I was feeling exhilarated to be back and thankful for this new path I was embarking on, the right path. Once I settled back in to the groove of things I set out to look for a new position to kick start a career going in a different direction, what direction you may ask, I had no idea but I knew when I found it I would know it was the right one.

In order to figure out the direction that I was supposed to be heading in I started to make a list about what I was passionate about. I started with what career I would choose if I had all the means in the world and could do anything my heart desired and worked my way down to more realistic choices and positions within my means. When I stepped back and looked at the list similar words kept popping up such as nail polish, cosmetics, personal care, blogging, marketing, customer service, beauty etc. It became immediately clear that something that had been my passion for so long (nail polish and cosmetics) was what I needed to dedicate myself to in a new capacity, going from a hobby to a career, in order to be happy.

Now let’s take it back and give you some more insight on my beauty background (the small bit there is of it). When I was a junior in college I decided on a whim to start blogging about all things nail polish related. This started with creating an Instagram and posting pictures sporadically of polishes and nail care items that I was currently loving. Over the years it turned into me posting on a regular basis and reviewing polishes for a world renowned brand, essie. I started with an Instagram and then I grew my following enough that I decided to add a blog to complement my Instagram, and from there a Facebook and Twitter. This was and remains to be something that I do for fun and in my free time, this is not a full time job and is something that I exclusively do because it brings me joy. This got me thinking, why should we only let our hobbies bring us joy? Shouldn’t our jobs bring us joy as well?

Fast forward to January when I had figured out what career path I wanted to be on, now the next step was to find a position at a company I love, with people that I love, doing something that I love…which is not an easy task I may add. For three months I searched for this and at times it felt like it was impossible to find. I started questioning if there really was a job that would tick off all of my wishes (I certainly had never worked somewhere that had before). That is when I found it, the job for me, the company for me, and the people for me.

What am I doing you may ask? I am currently working at a cosmetics and personal care company right here in Vermont! That’s right, I got to stay in the place I love, with my friends and family, and do what I love. What more could I ask for you might ask, at this point nothing. I am finally in the place that I need to be and back on the path that I am supposed to be on. For some they might look at my career path and scoff at it, they may think it’s silly to work in cosmetics and personal care and that I threw my old career away for nothing, but at the end of that day that’s fine because what sets my soul on fire may not set everyone’s on fire and that’s okay. 

Sometimes it takes time to find what sets your soul on fire. Sometimes you start to go off on the wrong path and you have to be the one to steer yourself back on track. Sometimes it might be easier to stay on the path you are on then to make a change, but remember just because it’s the easier choice doesn’t mean it’s the best choice. I myself am a victim of this, I stayed in a job I loathed for a year and a half because it was the easy choice. Don’t be like the old me, be like the new me. Figure out what sets your soul on fire and go after it. Go after it with every bit of you even if it isn’t the easy choice because you will thank yourself in the long run, even if it isn’t logical to others, that’s okay because it’s about setting your soul on fire, not their’s.



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