essie winter collection 2018

The 2018 essie Winter Collection was inspired by the Northern Lights and is just as breath taking as the actual lightshow. From metallics to special effects this collection has it all and no matter what type of polish you gravitate towards you won’t be unhappy with these shades. I can’t wait to share these electrifying shades with you any longer so scroll down to see what ones are my must haves for the season!


Polishes from left to right: ‘polar-izing’, ‘just the way you arctic’, ‘hear me aurora’, ‘glow with the flow’, ‘sights on nightlights’, and ‘million mile hues’.

“this winter, be inspired with essie by the Northern Lights’ polar-izing views and million mile hues. as we watch the sky glow with the flow, take in the icy cold air with a once in a lifetime spectacle. all you have to do is hear me aurora and follow the forecast for the most beautiful nightlights. winter, you’re lovely just the way you arctic.” – essie


First up is ‘polar-izing’, a magnetic glacier light pink shimmer nail polish. If you are looking for a sheer look I would apply one to two coats, I was looking for more of an opaque finish and applied three thin coats.



Next is ‘hear me aurora’, a wintery rosewood red nail polish. This one could be done with one coat but I did two to darken the color.



‘glow with the flow’ is a relaxing medium blue pearl shimmer nail polish. This is my favorite from the collection and I have already received so many compliments on it. It took two thin coats to reach this beautiful blue iridescent hue.



‘just the way you arctic’ is an ethereal lilac purple nail polish plunging in chilled gray tones. I am a sucker for pastels and this is the perfect purple to get me through the winter months.



Next we have ‘sights on nightlights’, a smoked plum purple. This polish was a flawless formula and it looks so stinkin pretty on the nail. This could be done in one coat but I applied two thin coats, be careful because this one does stain the cuticle a bit!



The last polish in the collection is ‘million mile hues’, an illuminating gold chrome metallic nail polish. This is unlike any of the other gold polishes in my collection as it has an almost green sheen when it hits the light. I applied two thin coats to achieve this look.

Below I have pictures of the Winter Collection compared to essie polishes in my own collection! I know that this can be helpful to those of you who are wondering whether or not to purchase a color so I hope you find these comparisons useful!


‘Kimono Over’ is *slightly* lighter than ‘Sights on Nightlights’. Personally I don’t think there is much of a difference between the two so if you have one you probably don’t need the other (unless you are all about deep purples).



These two are very close in color but ‘Maki Me Happy’ is a touch darker. Also, ‘Hear Me Aurora’ is a cream polish and MMH is a jelly like polish so it runs a bit more and takes more coats. If you are picking between the two I would go with ‘Hear Me Aurora’ because the formula is easier to work with.



Million Mile Hues doesn’t compare to any of the golds that I have in my collection. I know ‘Getting Groovy’ isn’t even close but I wanted to show them side by side so you could see just how unique ‘Million Mile Hues’ is.


Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 8.29.19 PM.png

When I first saw ‘Glow with the Flow’ I immediately thought of ‘Blue-tiful Horizon’ and how similar the two were…that is until I actually put them side by side and realized they were nothing alike. Here is two coats of each so you can see that they aren’t even in the same ball park.


light purple.png

These two are both cool toned purples but ‘Ciao Effect’ is just a touch deeper. They both are beautiful polishes and I am a sucker for purples so I would say you need both, however in reality you probably don’t. Reality is no fun though so go ahead and buy both and thank me later.

My three favorites from the collection are ‘Just the Way You Arctic’, ‘Glow With the Flow’, and ‘Sights on Nightlights’. This collection was absolutely beautiful but there were a few polishes that have similar sister colors. With that being said these do have the new thicker brush so if that is something that you prefer versus the old brush than you just may want to invest in some of the dupes. Let me know what you think of the collection and if there are any designs you want me to try out with the new shades!



One thought on “essie winter collection 2018

  1. I enjoy this collection, even with the near-dupes! For those who don’t have those kinds of shades in their collection yet, they are perfect. After all, who doesn’t need a basic winter red? 😉 I picked up the two shimmers — the light pink and the blue. I did want that wintry pale purple, but I have similars already. Thanks for the review and especially the comparisons — they are so helpful, as well as fun to look at!!!


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