O Christmas Tree

Growing up in Vermont means that chopping down your own tree down for Christmas just becomes second nature. This year we went to Whites Tree Farm up in Jericho to chop down the most beautiful tree that I have ever seen! Whites is the cutest little tree farm and I just love going there because not only do they have some of the best trees around but they also have wreaths, bows, maple treats, locally made ornaments, and of course hot chocolate! Below are some photos of my tree excursion this year and of the buffalo plaid nails that I wore while we chopped down our tree!


Colors used were essie ‘Off Tropic’ and ‘Always Fully Charged’.







Here is one last look at my buffalo plaid nails. These were by far some of the hardest nails that I have ever done as you have to be very precise with your lines! It took me about three tries before I got them to look how I wanted them but practice makes perfect and is the only way to get better at what you are doing! I will be posting photos of my fully decorated tree this year so that you can see the outcome of our tree adventure! I hope that you are all enjoying your holiday season so far and that Santa brings you lots of nail polish under your tree!




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