essie concrete glitters collection 2018

Keep the glittery vibes going after New Years Eve with essie’s concrete glitters collection. This collection is unlike any essie has released before as each polish is packed full of glitter and leaves your nails with a concrete like texture. This collection will be perfect for dancing the night away or a girls night out or just to add a bit of sparkle to your Monday!


Polishes from left to right: ‘Beat of the Moment’, ‘City Slicker’, ‘Stay Up Slate’, ‘Venture to the Venue’, ‘Can’t Stop Her In Copper’, and ‘Night Owl’.

“constantly in search of the city’s coolest music venue? let’s get caught up in the beat of the moment. your inner night owl, party girl is ready to stay up slate and take on all the city has to offer. a true city slicker, dressed for the night out and ready to venture to the venue – you can’t stop her in copper.” – essie


First up is ‘Venture to the Venue’, a sheer vanilla white glowing with gold shimmer. I did three thin coats on this one to make it extra glittery but you could also do one or two depending on how sheer you want the polish to be. This one would be perfect as a base for nail art but can also be worn alone!



Next we have ‘Beat of the Moment’, a sparkling rose pink. Two thin coats was all it took to achieve pinked perfection! This one has pink undertones and looks less gold colored in person.



‘Can’t Stop Her in Copper’ is a shimmering gold glitter. I had this one on all last week to test the wear of this collection and got so many compliments on it!



‘City Slicker’ is a brilliant fuchsia pink. When I applied this one I let out a little squeal. I can’t get over how this one looks on the nail and I can’t wait to create some nail art with it!



Next is ‘Night Owl’, a sparkling emerald green. This one applied flawlessly in just two coats and makes my nails look like they are having a party!



Last up we have ‘Stay Up Slate’, a nocturnal slate gray glitter. This one has hints of blue embedded within the polish and took two coats to apply.

These polishes were released just in time to brighten up the cold months and give us something bright and fun to enjoy! My favorites are ‘City Slicker’, ‘Night Owl’, and ‘Can’t Stop Her in Copper’. Although these polishes apply easily it does take just a tad more effort to remove them because of the glitter consistency. I recommend putting a cotton ball soaked in 100% acetone on your nail and wrapping tinfoil around it to hold it in place. Leave that on for a few minutes and taking your polish off will be a breeze! Also I recommend wearing these polishes with no top coat to let the textured effect take center stage. If you do feel you want to put something over the glitter polishes a coat of matte top coat will work perfectly and will keep the textured look!



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