manifesting/vision boarding 2019

Moving back to Vermont last year was a pivotal moment in my life. One day in October of 2017 I was in my apartment in North Carolina and I was at my breaking point. I knew I had two roads to pick from: stay and continue on with my path or move back to Vermont. Staying was the easy choice and far less complicated but would leave me feeling unfulfilled and miserable, while leaving was the hard choice, the choice that came with having to move my entire life 784 miles East and to a lot of unknowns. It was a cross roads you could say, truly a moment that decided my future and thankfully a year later I am living life with no regrets and I am beyond pleased with the here and now.

With this all being said the last year really put in to perspective what I want to get out of life and the things that made me happy, sad, overwhelmed, overjoyed and so on. I haven’t often prioritized what it is that I truly want and what makes me feel alive so this year I decided I would do just that. A friend of mine introduced me to a course about Manifesting my 2019 as well as making a vision board to use as a reminder of what you want your upcoming year to look like. Completing the course as well as my vision board has helped me to reflect on myself and has set me up to make sure I am living life and not letting it pass me by. Below I have detailed out the steps I took to make sure my 2019 is my best year yet and that I am truly living for myself!



What is manifesting? 

Manifesting was not something that I had heard of before recently and the first time my friend brought it up to me I was thinking what in the what is she talking about. With some further explanation I learned that manifesting is all about saying goodbye to the previous year and opening yourself up for the year to come. It is about taking time to reflect on things that went well for you in the past year and things that could have been better. It’s a time to realize what you want your upcoming year to look like and what things you are okay with leaving in the past.

How do I manifest my 2019? 

Manifesting your 2019 is as easy as sitting down with a pen and paper and taking some time to reflect. Since this was my first time manifesting I decided to sign up for a course to help guide me through the process. Andrea Scher is an online workshop teacher who has multiple courses that you can do from the comfort of your home. The course I signed up for was a mini manifesting course that would be broken down into five weeks with each week being designated to one step of the manifesting process. If you want to sign up for the exact course that I took the link is here. Having someone to guide me along as I manifested my year is what really helped me to realize how important it is to reflect and helped me to carve time out each week to dedicate to Manifesting.

How do I manifest my 2019 without a course? 

Below is a list of the main things to focus on when Manifesting your new year:

  • Set goals for your year
  • Set intentions for your year
  • Make a mondo-beyondo list
  • Decide on your word of the year

Each of the item on the list has a different purpose in helping you to envision your year.


Setting goals is important so that you know what you are going to be focusing on for the year. These should be things that are attainable and that you can accomplish if you work towards them. Some examples could be being more active, growing your social media platform, waking up to a job you love, or even being more present in your day to day life.


Intentions are figuring out how you want to feel in different areas of your life. It could have to do with money, love, work, friends, or family. Some examples could be finding joy, opening yourself up to love, or having ease when it comes to finances.

mondo-beyondo list 

A mono-beyondo list is a list of things that you secretly want to happen but may not be so open to tell others. These are things that are deep down inside of you and that you might be scared to put down on paper. Some things on your list could be getting a degree, creating a plan to open your own business, meeting someone famous, reaching a large goal like having over 100,000 subscribers on your youtube channel, or finding your soulmate.

word of the year 

Deciding on your word of the year is an important step in this process. This word will be something that you live by and reference for the year to come. There are so many words to pick from so even though this is a simple step in the manifesting process it can take some time. You may want to mull your word over for a few days to that you can find something you want to stick with or you may know instantly. My word of the year is “breathe”.

Letting the universe take hold

Now that you have manifested your 2019 it is time to let the universe take control. Enjoy your year and live your best life and know that opportunities will come to help you achieve your goals, intentions, and possibly even some items on your mondo-beyondo items! Remember to take your word with you throughout this year and to use it to guide you through whatever the universe may throw at you!

Vision Board 

How do I envision my 2019?

I firmly believe that when you give attention to the things that you want in life then you will attract those things in your life. The course on manifesting my 2019  helped me to envision what I want to get out of the year and what I am okay with not seeing this year. A great way to put visuals to what you manifested earlier is by creating a vision board so that you can reference it all year long.

What is a vision board?

A vision board is whatever you want it to be. It could be a board filled with photos of places you want to see in the upcoming year or a board that is covered in quotes you want to live by. It could be food items that you want to eat in the new year or photos that have to do with the career or education you are aspiring for. Mine is a collage of cut outs of photos and quotes from magazines that have to do with my goals and intentions that I came up with when manifesting. Below is a photo of the board that I made. The only items that I used to create my vision board were a foam board, glue stick, scissors, and old magazines!


Some of the over arching themes on my vision board are: love, eating/living a healthy lifestyle, getting my body back to how I want it, remembering to breathe, continuing on with essiebuff, moving up in my career and having ease with my finances. You may have some of the same items on your vision board or yours may be completely different and that’s okay! This is your time to be creative and a way to portray what you want your year to look like. When you are done with your vision board make sure you put it in a place that you can look at it daily so that you can continue to give attention to the things you want this year!





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