essie serene slates collection 2019

The essie gods have seriously blessed us with nine new polishes that will help all essie lovers find their inner om. These serene polishes are meant to help you recharge and get your mind back on track. From an apricot nude to an indigo blue this collection has something for everyone to help them disconnect from tech and reconnect to what matters most…your nails!

“when you understand that wire-less is more, you are able to be present in the moment and unwind. with mind-full meditation as the name of the game, it’s time to fully commit to being generation zen. take time to cause & reflect, a mental recharge is good for the soul when it’s all toned down. so as you go gadget-free, indulge in our serene slate collection for those mindful mani moments…” – essie


Polishes from left to right: ‘mind-full meditation’,’wire-less is more’, ‘press pause’, ‘serene slate’, ’cause & reflect’, ‘toned down’, ‘on mute’, ‘gadget free’, and ‘generation z’.


First up is ‘wire-less is more’, a dusky rose quartz-pink. This one took two thin coats and applied easily. This is for sure one of those polishes that shows every little mistake so  making sure your base coat is perfect before application is a must!



Next we have ‘mind-full meditation’, an apricot beige-nude. This polish applied evenly in two coats but didn’t really do anything special for me. It’s a great formula if you are in the market for a new nude polish.



‘Press Pause’ is a light gray polish with a cloudy blue tint. This one is a perfect palette cleanser for this time of year and lightens things up a bit during this dreary season.



Next we have ‘Serene Slate’, a stone-nickel gray that took two coats to apply.



‘Toned Down’ is a subdued steel gray cream with smoky cobalt blue undertones. This polish is the perfect creamy blue-gray.



‘Generation Zen’ is a mauve taupe gray. I was drawn towards this one when I first got the polishes in and love how this one is borderline gray and purple.



‘On Mute’ is a hushed charcoal gray. I love deep grays like this and the formula of this one made it a slam dunk for me.



‘Cause & Reflect’ is an indigo blue pearlized to silvery perfection. This was the first polish that I tried out from this collection and it was my absolute favorite out of all nine polishes.



‘Gadget Free’ is a gunmetal gray with a metallic sheen. I love a good metallic during the winter months to spice up an outfit and this one does the trick!

This collection has my love not only because of the names and theme behind the collection but because of the awesome formulas. Each polish took two thin coats for me to apply but some of the more pigmented polishes could have been one coaters. These polishes do have the new thicker brushes so it is easier to get more formula on your brush at once for a more efficient manicure! If you are looking for some neutrals to get you through 2019 look no further. My favorites from this release are ‘Cause & Reflect’, ‘Generation Zen’, ‘Toned Down’, and ‘On Mute’.




3 thoughts on “essie serene slates collection 2019

  1. Love this collection! I haven’t been this excited since the Wild Nudes collection. Thanks for your fabulous swatches on your gorgeous nails…I always check out your blog before I put in my essie orders. So helpful!


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