Essie Sunny Business Collection

The sunny business collection is compiled of nine beautiful and fun polishes for summer. Besides having bright polishes for that extra pop there are also a few neutrals mixed in if you are looking for a good palette cleanser (every once in awhile I like a good neutral in between bright colors) for year round! There are some dupes in this collection so make sure to scroll to the end of the post to see comparisons!


Left to right: ‘talk to the sand’, ‘sunny business’, ‘you’re a catch’, ‘beachy keen’, ‘UV got me faded’, ‘suits you well’, ‘seas the day’, ‘throw in the towel’, and ‘any-fin goes’.

“sun-wash your cares away this summer wearing polishes inspired by 1980s surf culture and sun-bleached beach scenes. the new essie sunny business collection brings the heat with creamy, sorbet-colored pastels that add a subtle or striking wash of color to fingertips and toes.”



‘talk to the sand’ is a sandy beige that will be perfect year round. This nude polish has a slight pink undertone which makes it have that warm look to it. This one took two coats!



‘beachy keen’ is a sun-drenched coral nail polish. This is a coral that leads more on the pink side than orange. This one is very similar to other polishes that I own so wasn’t a stand out for me. It took two coats to achieve this color!



‘throw in the towel’ is a rosy pink nail polish. This was the one that surprised me the most from this collection. I didn’t think much of it at first but it applies beautifully and if you are looking for a new go to pink this should be it!



‘any-fin’ goes is a vibrant tangerine. This is perfect if you want a pop of color on your nails. This one reminds me of the classic essie ‘clambake’.



‘you’re a catch’ is a warm nude. This one wasn’t anything special for me. It took two thin coats to apply.



‘sunny business’ is a summery yellow. This one is so similar to the essie that I made when I visited the essie headquarters in NYC. Because this polish is so sheer it did take three thin coats (and I honestly could have done four). This is the perfect light yellow with a subtle shimmer I just wish the formula was a little bit better.



‘seas the day’ is a mint sorbet. This one is a perfect mint polish that has the most subtle silver shimmer embedded within it. It reminds me of ‘mint candy apple’ and ‘blossom dandy’ if they had shimmer! I compared this one below to scroll down to see!



‘UV got me faded’ is a dusty lilac. I feel like this one would be pretty for the spring as well as the summer. I love a pastel purple and this one does the trick!



‘suits you well’ is a blushing violet. This one will be nice towards the end of summer to transition to fall. This one took two coats.

Below are some comparisons of some of the sunny business polishes to shades in my collection that I thought were similar!

Screen Shot 2020-08-16 at 5.34.19 PM

‘beachy keen’ is SO similar to ‘around the bend’ that I could hardly tell the difference when they were both on my hand next to one another. I would say that if you already have ‘around the bend’ you for sure do not need to purchase ‘beachy keen’. ‘excuse me sur’ is a lighter peach color and if you wear this type of color a lot I would say you would be okay with having both ‘beachy keen’ and ‘excuse me sur’ in your collection as there is enough of a difference between the two!


Screen Shot 2020-08-16 at 5.30.49 PM.png

‘essiebuff’ is the shade that I made while I was visiting essie and it is similar to ‘sunny business’ but not the same. Both are pale yellows with a slight silver shimmer but essiebuff is a bit more opaque and applied in less coats while ‘sunny business’ is more sheer and a bit more of a pale yellow so it took longer to get the opacity that I wanted. I don’t have any polishes that are dupes for ‘sunny business’ in my collection.


Screen Shot 2020-08-16 at 5.31.34 PM

‘mint candy apple’ is a deeper shade of mint and ’empower-mint’ is a bit of a lighter shade with more white undertones. I don’t think either polish is close to ‘seas the day’ due to the shade differences and the fact that ‘seas the day’ has a slight silver shimmer while the other two are cream polishes with no shimmer.

This collection is filled with fun bright colors for summer! My favorites are ‘sunny business’, ‘talk to the sand’, ‘throw in the towel’, and ‘UV got me faded’.

Olivia Margaret.jpeg




2 thoughts on “Essie Sunny Business Collection

    1. It really is so pretty in the bottle but was a bit of a let down on the nail! I really like the light cream/yellow ‘atelier at the bay’ from the essie gel couture collection so you may want to check that one out to see if it is something that interests you!


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