1. gingerbread house bed $30 – duchess has this and LOVES it! at first I was unsure about the purchase but it has turned out to be a fan favorite!
  2. pickle toy set $5 – I got duchess these last year and they are one of her most played with toys, I got her another version for her stocking this year!
  3. christmas tree pop up tunnel $13 – since duchess was a kitten she has loved tunnels, this one is so fun for the holiday season!
  4. milk and cookies toy set $10 – these are going to be one of duchess’s stocking stuffers!
  5. presents toy set $8 – these are also going in her stocking (if they can fit)!
  6. holiday log cabin $20 – I didn’t get this but am SERIOUSLY regretting it
  7. gnome cat toys $5 – gnomes are having there moment and these are such a cute little set!
  8. cat toys advent calendar $17 – I got duchess a treat advent calendar but have also been contemplating this toy calendar!
  9. gingerbread scratch hut $10 – how many gingerbread huts are too many? this was a close second but I went with the bed instead.
  10. christmas tree bed $30 – could this be any cuter?

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