1. water resistant chelsea boot $100 – the black and the brown version are both so gorgeous you can’t go wrong with either!
  2. vanity planet steamer $59 – this steamer is a perfect gift for the winter months, my face gets so dry and this little guy revives it!
  3. rest mini sound machine $40 – i’m not sure how I lived so long without one of these, this is a must have!
  4. crosley anthology turntable $96 – this was a recent purchase of mine and has made my apartment feel so cozy!
  5. monthly hardcover chatbooks $15 – I have been doing chatbooks for the last few months now and love having our favorite photos in print!
  6. dermaflash luxe $199 – I have been raving about this to all of my friends. my skin has never felt so soft or had such a nice glow!
  7. leather phone case $60 – who doesn’t love a nice sleek leather phone case!
  8. petite bar earrings $325 – these were one of my christmas gifts from last year and I wear them every single day!
  9. morse code initial ring $320 – these morse code rings are so versatile you can do your initial, you and a friends initial, and the list goes on! these also come in numbers.
  10. british designers at home coffee table book $40 – so much beautiful inspo in these pages

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