rechargeable candle lighters $19 – this two pack of rechargeable lighters is such a simple thing that will make your life so much easier! not only will these never run out like your bic lighter will but these are also 100x cuter!

sage 5×7 ruggable $199 – I had been wanting to get a new rug for awhile but was having a very hard time settling on one that I loved! I finally came across this hendesi heriz sage rug on the ruggable site and new it was the one! One of the main perks of ruggables is that I can roll it all up and throw it in the wash which makes it super easy to clean!

ilia skin tint spf 40 $48 – this skin tint is perfect for every day wear! if I want less coverage I will just put on a few drops of tint but if I am looking for more coverage this formula is super buildable and I just add a few more drops!! I love that this has an SPF 40 because I know how important it is to wear SPF on your face every day and having this added into your skin tint makes it that much easier! I wear shade formosa.

dermaflash luxe $199 – I had never dermaplaned before until last month but so far it has been life changing! my skin has been baby soft since I started using this weekly and I can tell the difference from when I wasn’t using it until now!

hatch rest mini sound machine $39 – I had been going back and forth on purchasing a sound machine and if it would be useful or I would find out it was a waste of money but I am happy to report I am in love with it! I truly don’t know how I would ever be able to live without it! it has eight different sounds but I always leave the rain setting on as that is my favorite!

mini pie maker $18 – this mini pie maker was the best purchase ever! for only $18 it has brought so much joy. My friend was visiting from Michigan and we made blueberry pies and then on halloween a group of us made apple pies! Next I want to try out chicken pot pies and mini breakfast pies!

crosley anthology record player $110 – this turntable is SO gorgeous. I scoured the internet for about a month before finally deciding on this one. There were so many that I looked at but I loved the brass features on this one and the black leather. The sound is amazing and I love the size – it is a bit larger than some and is truly a focal point in whatever room you put it in!

cast iron black artisan kitchenaid $350 – this model kitchenaid is $80 off right now which is such a deal! I recently purchased this model with the premium accessory pack and am so in love with it. the slightly textured black color is timeless! this color is also known as imperial black.

round ray ban sunglasses $160 – I got these round ray bans for my birthday this year and think the shape is absolute perfection! these are classic and truly go with any look whether you are dressed up or down! I customized mine to get the black frames with green polarized lenses.

high rise slim straight jeans $25 – these are my all time favorite jeans. I have two pairs in the medium blue shade and one in the black and the style is so flattering. for the price tag these are a must!

toad & co sherpa cord jacket $150 – this was one of my splurge items of the year but was oh so necessary. I am simply obsessed with everything about this jacket!

7.5 ft jackson noble fir tree – $299 I searched high and low for a fake tree this year. I had never had one before and wanted to make sure it was going to be perfect and as realistic looking as possible. I went to over ten stores and this is the one I landed on and I LOVE it!

women’s classic blundstone chelsea boots $210 – I got these boots in the rustic brown shade and they are truly so versatile. these are so comfortable and have the best tread on them. I did size up so that I had a bit more room for thicker socks and because my feet are a tad wide!

DJI OM 4 Gimble – $130 – this gimble was gifted to me for my birthday and has become one of my favorite tools! For shooting fun reels or taking videos kayaking or traveling it has been great!

CHI lava curl shot $130 – this curling iron is ceramic infused with volcanic lava derived from lava rocks which helps to give consistent heat during styling. This combination also allows styling at lower than normal temperature which produces less damage to the hair which I am all about!

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