super cute jeans under $50

I have been having a time trying to find some reasonably priced jeans that fit well but I have FINALLY found a few go-to’s! Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good pair of levi’s, but sometimes you just can’t shell out $90+ on jeans, especially if you are wanting to try something a bit more trendy and don’t want to go full throttle with it. This is what I have compiled so far and I will continue to update as I go forward on this jean journey!

Side note my mirror is dirty and don’t mind my straight face in any of the photos lol. I also wanted to mention I tried on each pair with sneakers and then with a medium heeled mule to show you where the jeans hit with both shoes.

old navy slouchy straight ripped jeans $50 – I got these in the susie may wash. These are one of my favorites from the bunch, they are more on the trendy side and for sure the most wide legged jeans that I own. I feel like gen z would be happy that this millennial is shying away from the skin tight skinnys and going more with a wide legged look? I did chop off about two inches from the bottom, as when I got them they were a bit long and weren’t hitting my ankle where I wanted them to. Something to note is these do have a button fly so if that isn’t your thing these are not for you!

old navy black slouchy straight jeans $40 – I got these in charcoal as I loved the ripped jeans and these are the same fit as the previous pair just a different color way. I also chopped off about two inches on these so they fit my ankle similar to the ripped pair. These also have a button fly so just shouting it out again for those that don’t fork with that.

old navy slouchy straight jeans regular $30 – I got these in the letty denim and these are my least favorite from the bunch. I am not a huge fan of the more saturated striping at the top but liked the fit and that there were no holes so decided to keep them. These are the same style as the first two, however I did NOT cut them at the bottom. I have two pictures here of them normal and then one of them rolled, these pictures have made me realize they for sure need to be cut at the bottom. I am not loving them regular length or rolled but a snip always does the job! TBH I would probably have returned these if I had found the H&M pair that are a few down from this before I took the tags off and wore these. This is the last pair with a button fly.

target unviersal thread high rise slim straight $30 – I got these in medium blue a few months back and have been living in them. I love the high rise and the lighter blue denim is up my alley. These have washed and worn well. I will say I also got the black version, however they were attracting so much hair I couldn’t stand it so I donated them. I know sometimes “fake black denim” will do this and it is always better to buy real denim jeans when purchasing black so that this doesn’t happen but these ones were like 100x worse than normal.

h&m mom jeans high waist $25 – I got these in medium blue and these are my other favorite pair of the bunch. These are the typical mom jean but with a fresh look! I love the straight leg and the wash of the denim and really just everything about them, also the $24.99 price tag isn’t bad either!

So the high waisted og straight black wash jeans were on super sale and then went out of stock :/ I will keep my eye out to see if they come back in stock but wanted to share that they do have them in some other washes if you type in “high wasted og straight jeans” on the old navy website. Here is a link to them in a blue wash and here they are in normal jet black but there are other washes on top of these as well. The fit on these is amazing so I may look for them next time there is a sale in a blue wash.

Also just a note, I almost never shop at old navy without a coupon or code. I got all of my jeans from there at 30% off during their recent sale so keep an eye out for sales and use that old navy cash if you have it! I also purchased bunch from all three stores that didn’t end up working out and I returned them. For me it is all about trial and error as you really want to make sure you get a good fit! I have noticed recently trying on at home has been beneficial as I can try to style it a couple ways to see what works and what doesn’t. With that being said if you are having trouble in store I would suggest ordering a bunch of different styles to try at home and then return what didn’t work!

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