essie Bridal Collection 2016 ‘Mrs Always-Right’

I finally got my hands on the essie Bridal Collection ‘Mrs Always-Right’ and I am absolutely in LOVE with all of these polishes. This is one of my favorite collections that essie has come out with in awhile and it is definitley worth getting. This collection has a large range of colors and has something that any bride or bridesmaid would like! There are bright polishes for brides who like a bit of color and some lighter polishes for brides who are into a more subtle look. Take a look and let me know what you think!


Left to right: ‘Between The Seats’, ‘Steal His Name’, ‘Coming Together’, ‘Passport To Happiness’, ‘Groom Service’, and ‘Mrs. Always-Right’

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Easter/Spring Polish Picks

Hey dolls! I recently picked a few of my favorite essie polishes from my collection for Easter/Spring. Spring is one of my favorite seasons for polish since I adore pastels and essie has so many beautiful pastel polishes to pick from!  With that being said I have swatches and reviews of each of the four polishes I picked and I hope that you enjoy them!


Left to right: ‘Splash Of Grenadine’, ‘Salt Water Happy’, ‘Fashion Playground’, and ‘Meet Me At The Altar’

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Marble Easter Eggs With Nail Polish

Easter is right around that corner and one of my favorite traditions is decorating Easter eggs. This year I was inspired to decorate my eggs a little differently once I came upon lifestyle blogger Louise Roe and her marble easter eggs made with nail polish. I knew as soon as I saw her post that I had to try this out myself and I am very pleased with the outcome! Keep reading below to get a step by step on how to marble your eggs with essie polish!



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Get The Same Look: Spring Fling

As you guys know I recently got the essie Spring Collection and have been obsessing over these six limited edition shades. After swatching all of the polishes I couldn’t wait to try out some nail art. I came up with this look I like to call ‘Spring Fling’ using three of the polishes from the collection: ‘High Class Affair’, ‘Lounge Lover’, and ‘Sunshine State of Mind’. I put together a short how-to for you guys so you can try out this super easy and simple manicure yourself!


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Top 20 essie Polishes

Hello lovelies! I’ve spent the past few weeks putting together this post for you and I am so excited to finally share it! I have come up with my top 20 favorite essie polishes from my personal collection. This has been so hard to do as I have changed my mind multiple times about what polishes I think are worthy to be deemed my favorites. As my friends know I like to call these 20 polishes my ‘fan faves’ and I always make sure to let them know when I’m wearing one so that they can enjoy their beauty as well! This prompted me to make this post so that I could share my ‘fan faves’ with my followers as well! Now take a look and let me know what you think about my selections!


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